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Volume 10 Chapter 4

This is my first attempt at translation and I hope that I don't bungle up it for you, sorry for any grammatical mistakes...please comment

Chapter 04: Part 1

In the next three days, it became clear that the extent of the growing anomaly on the Inland Sea. For strange encounters followed by even more inexplicable things: ships started to disappear in the sea, full of people, and the present case was the third on the account.

"Fog takes people" Chiaki said aloud, reading the newspaper bought at the station. “Not much fun, eh?”

Takaya was lounging on a tilted seat, looking out of the window.
Their high-speed train from Nagoya swept now somewhere near Sekigahara.

“Sixty people have already perished ... What are they in doing in Hiroshima? Can’t they handle it themselves? We are still not at all finished in Gifu.”

“When we will arrive, we'll see” Takaya muttered, not looking up from the window. “It's no secret that Oda strengthen the fleet on the coast of Kansai, but in this case they may or may not be involved. In any event, there are victims, and the victims’ loss we may tolerate but that does not mean it should be. Hence, it is necessary to stop it immediately.”

“In Hiroshima, we will meet with Haruie and Naoe ...” Chiaki folded the newspaper and sat back on the sear. “What then?”

“We meet, I will take command of you. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I'm not worried, you blockhead.”

Then they heard a girl's voice rang out: “Chiaki-kun, Ogi-kun!”
Morino Saori handed them a bag of straw from the back seat.

“Will you? Oh, what are you doing, reading newspaper? Well, just like two retired old man ... What is it, sports or is there any porn?

“Morino ...”

“Let us better food change, or play cards. We can play Napoleon1 or we can play Uno ... Narita-kun already agreed!”

It was April 20, the first day of the trip, one car of the high-speed train "Shinkansen" was occupied by the Dzehoku high school students, including among whom was Takaya - in spite of all the difficulties.

In fact, until the very last moment he doubted that would be going. Now that they were investigating the incident at gold mines of Gifu, he just did not have the strength to be distracted by anything else. However, Takaya had decided to string up and make time - for the sake of Yuzuru’s promise to him.

Takaya had planned to travel to Hiroshima by car and leave earlier to forward the Gifu case as going with the group was not obligatory, but when he imagined the angry reproaches of Yuzuru “You broke your word!”, he had immediately wanted to spare his feelings, thus maintaining a semblance of journey together.

It was probably the same experience as a busy-at-work father when his son asks once again for a ride.

“Ogi-kun! All, all play! No retreat”, shrieked Saori.

“Enough is enough, stop nose pecking and pretending to read the newspaper” said Yuzuru. “Do you hear me? Hand it over.”

Takaya clutched his head. Chiaki thought for a moment, and then slapped him on the shoulder.

“I suggest to relax and have fun - all the same to go for a long time. Throw away the time.” - and with joyful exclamation leapt to his feet.

“What have you got there - game of cards? Too bad no drinks, but oh well, I will play, so be it.”

“Yay! Keep it up, Chiaki-kun!”

“I am Chiaki the Invincible, nice to meet you. Ogi, come on, you are afraid right? And rightly so - you would never win! I will personally take care of it, even if we were paired!”

Chiaki’s persistent zeal sparked Takaya’s new bout of irritation. He wanted to drop it when he caught Yuzuru’s wary glance, which instantly made him uncomfortable. He reluctantly got up, which was followed by a cheerful hooting by Saori.

“And he bravely accepts the challenge! Just think, Ogi-kun and maps ... It's like the heaven and earth!”

“A salute to His Excellency. Show us, what repeaters are.”

“Ha ha! Loser treats all the juice!”

Takaya gave Chiaki and Saori an angry glance: “Maybe enough to stop mocking?”
“Okay, I go for diamond pearl Dumpling.”

“Boys, I'll pass.”

Takaya silently clenched his fists. "Someday, I'll throw that stupid school."

The train easily raced across the tracks, taking away a noisy company forward to Hiroshima.

1 Napoleon – Japanese card game

The second disappearance happened the day after Naoe came in
Hiroshima. Before he could begin to investigate the clash, the situation turned for the worse, forcing him to forget the original plan.

The ferry from Ètadzimy in Kure was deprived of its passengers and crew during a very short voyage. Exactly twenty minutes to ship to overcome a short distance, and during this time all the people on board, half of them school children, disappeared without a trace.

On that day the sea really was foggy, but not so strong as to cancel flights. Ferry had left on schedule, but it soon reported that the fog had thickened, and after ten minutes the connection was lost, and the ship had stopped running. When the Marine Patrol arrived on the scene shortly, there was not a living soul found on the ferry.

There was no explanation of what had happened. It was as if from nowhere it was swooped by pirates and all-aboard were captured. Of course, this could not have possibly happened due to the fog, and the fog radar hadn’t documented approach of any other vessels either.

What happened during the twenty minute flight? Did all the people really jumped into the sea all at once?

But this did not end the puzzle.

“The Ghost Of "Yamato"?” asked Naoe. “What is that?”

He was sitting in the lobby of the hotel and listened to the report of the spies – nokizaru2, who came before him and had to work hard already. Since the Scout came in a body of customary clerk, their conversation seemed like a mundane business meeting, but if anyone was to overhear their conversation, they would learn a lot of surprising bits and pieces.

2 Nokizaru - the so-called ninja in the service of the Uesugi. In the novel, they continue their service, but in the form sharing even spirits.

“So far it’s only a rumour that the ship appears in the sea at night when there is fog. But there are many witnesses, so these conversations may not be entirely unfounded.”

“First Flotilla, now Battleship "Yamato"?”

An hour from bad to worse ...

“This ship, created by Combined Fleet by extreme effort went into
history as the largest battleship in the world. It was built at the shipyards of Kure in 1937, launched on the forty-first, but it was battle involved only a single time. The sixth of April 1945, when over the country already in danger of defeat, the Yamato was ordered to attack the US forces off the coast of Okinawa, and on 7 April was attacked by Americans and was sunk near Cape Sata, South of Kagoshima. This was the last raid of the greatest battleship in the world, because from the very beginning it was meant to travel one way, as the ship did not had enough fuel supply for the return journey.

Naoe was silent for some time, seized by the memories of those dark times. Then forced himself to get away from dark thoughts and return to the current issue.

"What makes the ship sunk in Kagoshima, in the Seto Inland Sea?"

“Mass Hypnosis?”

Naoe began to think out loud. “Hardly ... And certainly not "Ghost", an inanimate object cannot become a ghost ... Rather, a bundle of energy,
Tsukumogami3 kind ...

“But why here and now?”

“I do not know. But the connection with the case in Osaka is obvious.”

“Do you think Oda?”

“And these wonderful lights” - Naoe lit a cigarette and inhaled.

“How to act with Oda in these parts?

“We found no trace of their presence ... Rather, they should be wary of Mori and those who try to resist them. Throughout the Chugoku there is a wave of sabotage, which any moment can turn into a major war.”

“Ah, yes ... Mori.”

In Hiroshima there was still a castle, built by Mori Terumoto, but the main force Clan was now focused not there. Their camp was located near the destroyed Citadel Yoshida-Koriyama, there flashed most clashes between Mori and their once-defeated rivals.

And yet it was not clear what linked the ships and vessels of the Second World era of civil wars, except for the fact that they were seen at one time in one place. However, it would be foolish assume that there was no connection ... As between the disappearance of people and the emergence of "Yamato".

To solve this puzzle Naoe did not have enough information.

“I need to get to the scene and see with your own eyes, or cause will not shift ... I hope you will join me?

“Without fail. And Mr. Hakkai will expect you to Kure.”

Naoe was surprised to hear that name. Hakkai was another sleeping spirit, the leader of the all nokizaru Uesugi. Naoe chuckled out of the corner of his mouth.

“Sam volunteered to help me? That's really a miracle, it’s a wonder... Hakkai, who does not listen, draws orders only”- Naoe crushed the barely begun cigarette in the ashtray.

“If it turns out that the cause is the strife Spirits, search for missing fall on our shoulders. We can only pray that by the time they are still alive…”

He quickly got to his feet and said: “We’ll, go out to sea. Perhaps the spectre of "Yamato" will find us.”

3 Tsukumogami - virtually any object, “that has reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware

They left the hotel and went to the car to the port to board the ferry in
Kure. Port Hiroshima was beautiful - new buildings, good infrastructure...

Naoe already going to go through the gate when the scout- nokizaru addressed him in a low voice: “Naoe-sama ... Do not you feel?”


“Someone’s watching us.”

Naoe flinched, but did not allow himself to turn around. Instead, he asked: “What kind?”

“I do not know ... I feel a strange chi4, Which should be long behind us, but I cannot identify from whom it comes. It appears to be divided up, but he is adept at hiding, and my strength is not enough to calculate it ... You did not notice?”

"... That is obvious even to me ..."

Unspoken words hung in the air. Naoe met the puzzled look of nokizaru and for a moment, his face turned to stone, but he quickly recovered and tried to take a casual look.

“It seems that fatigue takes its toll,” he said with a sigh, putting his hand to his forehead. “Perception of dim...”

Naoe stretched his lips curve into a grin, and nokizaru in no doubt. On the polite question about his health Naoe nodded “They say that there are no problems.”

Scout smiled, and then said: “And yet, who would it be? ... His energy is negative, we need to beware...”

“Let's see. If this is the spirit- General, I want to know whose.”

4 Chi – life energy


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Aug. 1st, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
Thank yooooou! I'm so relieved this is still getting translated...god knows I'll never know enough kanji to read the original...
Aug. 3rd, 2013 01:26 pm (UTC)
I wish I could read even a little kanji....Hopefully you will enjoy reading the rest as well ...Bless the Russian translator! n(^_^)n
Aug. 1st, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
That's great you translated this!! I have read some pieces of book 10 in another language using google tranlator and It was really foggy..so hope you will continue with others chaps as well :-)
Aug. 3rd, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC)
I did the same, its the russian translation that I am composing into proper sentences :p

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Your welcome! <3
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I have no words to express how thankful I am...your work is highly appreciated! I still love MoB so much, thank you!
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Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Someone, a goddess or godlike entity has breathed life into the translation of MoB again?! Is this real life or just a fantasy?! THANK YOU, YOU WONDERFUL BEING! You have no idea how much this means to me, I thought I'd never see the day where I could read this translated!
Feb. 28th, 2014 01:31 pm (UTC)
Your welcome, I am going to update, as soon as my finals finish so you will be able to read more! n(^_^)n thank you for encouraging me! Do you guys find the translations ok or too formal to be understood? Do let me know!
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Looking forward to it! :D Good luck on your finals! The translations are definitely good and understandable, so no worries :)
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