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Volume 10, Chapter 7 Part 3 (End)

Tasha: You know whats the toughest part while translating: its translating others scene when I reallllly only want to read about is Naoe and Takaya misery and progress :P

After saying goodbye to Ayako at the Namiki street, Chiaki headed back to the hotel. He walked Sintenti block at night where there was light from the neon lights, and along the streets were taxis waiting for customers. Soon night will pull the public to go home.

“Oh, where have I drifted ...” Chiaki sighed inwardly. Where have you seen a visiting student returning to the hotel after midnight, walk up in the block at night? He was not going to pat on his head for this.

However, he had gone with Ayako knowing. They ate okonomiyaki, and she even ate two portions - very large, by the way - which had produced his involuntary admiration.

“It is not possible to war on an empty stomach. It is necessary to prepare for the work ahead” Ayako said and cleaned up the plate. Chiaki did not compete with her.

"Okay, how do I get to there? .."

Two drunken men marched past unsteadily. Chiaki had visited Hiroshima many times and knew the city, but ...


It never even occurred to him that students arriving at the hotel by taxi, too, generally, wass not allowed. Chiaki decided to pick up the car on the main street and turned into the alley to get to it by the shortest route.

They had gone in the alley and waited.

Two shadows separated from the wall and blocked his path. Chiaki stopped slowly and cast a watchful eye on them, and quietly asked:

“Who are you?”

And received a counter question: “Are you the Uesugi man?”

Chiaki slowly studied the strangers. One was a young man, of medium height, but without the softness of youth. The shape of lips and eyes betrayed landing him a Southerner. The second was a little older looking woman. Oval shaped face with regular features, framed by long, smooth hair cut - she really suited such a hairstyle. Tall, big eyes, short dress, overalls and red high-heeled shoes ... Her whole appearance was breathing wildness, forcing to recall a young wolf. These in front of him were not ordinary people, Chiaki realized that by the chi emanating from them.

“A foolish ambush” he grinned. “Who would attack suddenly, not realizing the power, that could be seen a mile away. You are either very sure of yourself or exactly the opposite.”

“Get out of Aki*” Obvious menacing waves scattered around the man. – “Only you here are lacking to us... Immediately leave the Inland Sea.”
*Aki - the name of the feudal province in place of the current Hiroshima Prefecture.

“That will depend on your behaviour” said Chiaki slowly accumulating force in the body. “First, identify yourself ...” Before he could finish, as a flash flickered before his eyes.

“Chiaki barely managed to shield his face. His forearm received a electric shock, and he saw that the woman (was attacking) holding a power web like fishing.

“Leave there is no time to fish” warned the man, but the woman was not listening. She threw a cluster plasma of motion again, which filled up into a web. Chiaki clicked his tongue in annoyance and responded with protective wave.

At the moment it became as bright as day around. Then Chiaki was struck by his own reflected pulse, and he flew backward, swept uphill and heaped against the wall of beer crates. The woman struck again, but this time a white, steel light which flew past him and went straight into the dark shadow that had been hiding behind him. The shadow shrieked, burst into fire, and crumbled into a handful of ashes.

“What ... ah! ..”

Without losing a second, the woman formed a web again and entangled Chiaki from head to toe.

No matter how he tried, he could not break free and, in the end, glared at strangers from the bottom up.

“What is this? Remove at once! I look like an idiot ...”

“ That will depend on your behaviour” the woman said with an indulgent smile, and squatted down beside him. “Sorry for our rudeness, but we need to protection against your "expulsion force." Who knows when you will decide to use it, and it will be the end for us. Therefore, we talk cautiously.”

“Who did you just finish off?”

“He was following us. I did not want him to overhear our conversation.”

“What kind of a conversation, it is interesting that prior to it you bind hand and foot ... offering to feed me to "Yamato"? Thank you very much.”

“Sinking "Yamato". How do you look at this proposal?”

Chiaki shivered and eyed the man with searching gaze, which he met directly and without hesitation.

“We want to destroy the floating monster.”

“Destroy "Yamato"? ..” Chiaki paused, and then nodded his head. “I see ... you serve Sue.”

“Not serve” The man cut off. “They are our allies, but not overlord. Sue became friends with Oda and had imagined him to be like a mother wolf. But they are only fox in wolf's clothing, and Ode one day will take them all. We are an another matter.”

“Another matter? ..”

“We want to put an end to the arbitrary Mori put in place Zaznaev Murakami, Aki and protect the land from predatory thoughts of Oda and Takeda.”

Chiaki made a puzzled face. Not Mori, not Murakami, not Sue ... Of course, not Oda and Takeda ...

“Who is it? ..” The body-sharing spirits who do not belong to any of the parties ...

“I see that you care about our origins” The man guessed.

Chiaki snorted

“If you are going to ask for anything, I have to know who I'm dealing with.”

“If we call, will you fulfill our request?”

“Despite what request.”

“I know. We have behaved rudely ...”

The woman tried to protest, but the man threw her: "Do not worry," and turned back to Chiaki.

“We are - vassals of Amago Clan, once fallen due to machinations of Mori. We crave revenge on enemies who trampled on our dreams.”

“ ‘Amago’, you say?”

“We were called the ten heroes of Amago. Our goal to implement was unfulfilled in life: to revive the clan Amago and end all Mori.”

“Revitalize Amago clan ... - murmured Chiaki and cocked his head. - Are you! ..”

“Have you heard of me?” The man proudly squinted. “Yamanaka Sikanoske. And this is - the Isar-hime, our friend. Let's get acquainted.”

“Yamanaka Sikanoske!”

Chiaki nearly whistled. Who has not heard of him ... He was called the most loyal vassal of era dissension. His boundless devotion to the defeated Amago clan, for whom’s sake of revival he put his life, had become talk of the town and even got into school textbooks during the Second World War, where he was praised as the "knight of loyalty."

Yamanaka Sikanoske born in the family whose overlord was Amago Haruhisa ruler Izumo**.

**Izumo - feudal province on the site of modern Shimane

At that time Amago had great power in the Chugoku, along with Mori from Aki and Ouchi of Suo. Ouchi Yoshitaka fell due at hands of Sue Harukata and the influence Mori enormously increased. Then Mori set his sights on Amago and, as a result of their elaborate intrigue Amago were defeated.

Yamanaka Sikanoske rose to struggle for the revival of Amago Clan. First he went to Kyoto, where he found the heir of the lateral branch Amago named Katsuhisa, who was a monk. Sikanoske persuaded him to return to the worldly life and began to seek recovery of the clan, without sparing the stomach.

Over the next twelve years - until, until he was captured and killed Mori - Sikanoske showed wonders of perseverance and courage. He was not scared of failure. Having suffered defeat, he rose again and rushed into battle with the sole aim to revive the clan of his overlord.

In the era of dissension intra-clan coups were commonplace. And if a vassal saw overlord losing ground, he immediately switched to the other side, to a stronger master. But Yamanaka Sikanoske not only did not overthrow his overlord in trouble - he devoted his life to the restoration of his clan. It is well known legend about how he thought about the revival of Clan Amago, praying to the moon, “If you can, send down upon me a thousand misfortunes.”***

*** It should be understood as request send for tests and trials, in order to strengthen the spirit.

In every age, this legend touched the hearts of people. And Yamanaka
Sikanoske, "Knight of loyalty" was in person, standing in front of Chiaki.

“Why do not we join forces, Uesugi?” Sikanoske began in a rich voice.

“Drown the floating monster Mori together! You cannot leave such a weapon in their hands, otherwise not only Aki, but also all the surrounding land - Suo, Nagato, Iwami, Izumo, Hoki, Mimasaka, Bizen, Beatty, Bingo ... all provinces in Chugoku and adjacent seas will be all at their mercy! This cannot be allowed, do you agree?”

“I thought so, it's Mori pulling the strings ...”

“Help us.”

Sikanoske lowered on one knee in front of Chiaki, so that their eyes were on same level.

“Ode has set his sights on the Chugoku, it's clear as day. Do not give them that chance ... And we can trust you, because you are the knights of justice. Help us. Fight with us shoulder to shoulder.”
“So, you want to revive the Amago clan... “Chiaki was not so trusting. “And then what? Are going to be Chugoku masters instead of Mori?”

“To revive the clan overlord” Sikanoske said firmly, “that's all I want. I do not think more.”

“You fool” thought Chiaki. Because if it really was their only goal, then they were not planning ahead. Worst Mori would hinder the implementation of this goal, so it will kill them. Chiaki looked at Sikanoske eyes - eyes of the deer****, but in a tiger - and saw the power, clean in its simplicity, and the absence of doubt.

**** The first character in the name Sikanoske - "sika", means "deer".

“Would work” decided Chiaki. Why would it not, as they both sought to destroy the "Yamato". There was a coincidence of interests, so why not use people of Amago who know the area?

“I suppose you're looking for the missing at sea ... We will tell all that we know about "Yamato". And about who kidnapped the girl.”

“Do you know?”

Sikanoske exchanged a significant glance with his companion. The one that was called Isar-hime, nodded slowly.

“The kidnapper is Kikkawa Motoharu of Mori clan.”


Like a jack-of-the-box jumped out another famous name, and Chiaki was stunned into silent. Kikkawa Motoharu was the second son of Mori Motonari. His adopted family of Kikkawa, and his younger brother, Takakage was of Kobayakawa family. Lifelong those two supported the native clan and each for its part, had been dubbed the "two tributaries of Mori".*

Takakage commanded the fleet on the Inland Sea, by Sanyo, while Motoharu commanded over the army in the area Sanin **. In the last resistance in the battle was nicknamed the Devil Kikkawa.

* The character "kava" in the names of both brothers translated as "river" - hence the comparison.
** Sanyo / Sanin - the so-called West and East coast of the Chugoku region. Sanyo, literally "the sunny side of the mountains" - the side that goes to the Inland Sea. Sanin or "dark side of the mountains" the side that overlooks the Sea of Japan.

Motoharu repeatedly crossed swords with Amago soldiers, and had shared set of common battles with Yamanaka Sikanoske. During the famous battle of the citadel Gassan-Tada, and later, during the battle for Izumo in 1570, got Sikanoske nicely. You could say that Motoharu was Sikanoske’s archenemy.

“I see ... no wonder Mori called them the three tips of the arrow. The brothers had now also returned and could not leave the main house unguarded ...

“Yes, both revived and re-created ‘Yamato’ led by Kobayakawa Takakage.”

“That is our grey cardinal ...” ***

***Someone who is a Grey Cardinal exerts power behind the scenes, without drawing attention to himself or herself.

Little by little, everything was falling into place. The fleet Kobayakawa was directly subordinate to Mori ...

“Well, why does Kikkawa need the girl? And Yang Guifei here?”

“To became Yang Guifei, ...” murmured Isar-hime. Her voice seemed a mockery to Chiaki. “Yes, that's it, they chose a virgin receptacle of ‘Yang Guifei’ spirit.”

“So this is a real empress? She, perhaps, was then flying as the red phoenix?”

Isar-hime frowned and dropped her face.

‘Hiding something’ thought Chiaki.

“Hear my plea, Uesugi,” she said at last, raising her head emphatically. “Only one weapon will act against "Yamato". One thing, and Yang Guifei knows where it is hidden. Please, track down and get her to name the place.

“What kind of weapon is it?”

“The two magical crystals, Manzo and Kanji. They are called the Pearl of Tide and the Pearl of Receding tide; they command the movement of water.”

Isar-hime pulled out of from jacket pocket a round crystal stone. “This is kanji the Pearl of Receding tide.”

Chiaki inadvertently found it fascinating. The crystal shimmered with rainbow colours when the light fell on it.

“Magical, you say?”

“Yes, but it alone is not enough. Without the Pearl of Tide it will not cause effect. If we have two crystals, we can easily drown "Yamato" and destroy the Mori - Kikkawa knows this and fears.”

“Is why Yang Guifei hid the stone, that we have found. Alas, we do not know where to find her as well find the necessary. Find out where Manzo is. If Kikkawa has it – steal it. And when Yang Guifei tells everything” Isar-hime's eyes flashed, “kill her on the spot.”

Sikanoske gave her a surprised look.”

“Isar-hime ...”

“Let him! .. Hear ME Uesugi? Do me the favor.... exorcise her.”

Chiaki paused, looking at the woman coolly. Something wass behind this, he thought, but oh well.

“Okay, I agree.”

“Truely Uesugi!”

“As you said, the girl was kidnapped by Kikkawa’s henchmen. That means, Yang Guifei obeys him?”

“As far as I know, Motoharu directs her every move.”

“I see,” said Chiaki, took a deep breath, and then grinned defiantly “Well, I will hunt for Yang Guifei. Man, it sounds settled to kill the first ever beautiful wiman. To begin with, firstremove this net ... and then you Sikanoske-dono, show me how fights the illustrious ‘Knight of loyalty’.”


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