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Volume 10, Chapter 7 Part 1

Hello everyone, once again I am on roll and just can't stop wanting to read more MOB so I have started translating the next Chapter....so here you guys go....

PS. Okay hot and healthy thinking by Takaya toward the end, finally progress :P

Chapter 7 : Knight’s Allegiance
Takaya returned to the hotel ten minutes before lights out, when the building staff had to turn off the overhead light. In the lobby, a disgruntled Yuzuru was waiting for him.

“You still ran away!” was the first thing Takaya heard from him.

“Yuzuru ...”

“Why did you not tell me? I searched the entire hotel, you weren’t here. I thought you might have disappeared ... Where have you been? And where is Chiaki?”

“So, Chiaki has not returned yet” Takaya said, “I came for the evening roll call ... I could not wait before, to go at late night.”

“Well, to hell with it, I am better than this ...” Yuzuru grabbed his shoulder and whispered in his ear: “The girl, Matsuyama-san, called.”

“Matsuyama Satskaya?” Takaya raised an eyebrow. “What did she say?”

“She wants you to come immediately. She says she saw the ghost of Narumi-san.”


“Uh-huh. She was hysterical, I did not understand half, but ... I think she is afraid that Narumi-san died. Rather, let’s go to her.”

“Wait a minute ... what, with you?”

“Well, of course, with me. I arranged with Yazaki, somehow he will answer for us on the roll call. I already promised Matsuyama-san and... quickly, before anybody notices.”

Yuzuru tugged him out, and Takaya was back in the street, where he was instantly seated in the cab. Watching as Yuzuru hurriedly dictated the address to the taxi driver, Takaya wondered how deftly he was taken into motion. Yuzuru caught his look of surprise and pinned:
“You know how to push me in the corner.”

Takaya had no choice but to nod submissively.

They arrived quickly. They had just gotten out of the taxi, Satskaya jumped on both of them, she had been waiting in the bushes near the front door - sitting in the hotel must have become unbearable for her.

“How long does it take to get here! ..”

Rather than a school uniform, she wore a violet polo shirt and a tight skirt too short for a decent girl.

“So what is it about the ghost of Narumi?”

“It was was right in front of me ..” Satskaya wailed, almost in tears. “it seems no one saw except for me, but I knew immediately something! .. It was a ghost! .. Because she did not have legs, and then she disappeared suddenly... does this mean, Narumi died, huh?. . She is no longer present, huh? ..”

Takaya tried to calm the girl, and then asked again:

“Did she say anything? Maybe she had any message for you?”

“Message? .. How should I know, she was crying ... What should I do, eh? ..”

“Takaya!” Yuzuru called suddenly and, following his gaze, Takaya froze.
A ghost was looking at them from under the ornamental shrubs, silent and incorporeal, like a hologram. Like her pictures, Hokamura Narumi was very beautiful.

Most of all her appearance stirred Satskaya.

“Narumi ...”, she murmured, stammering at the sad look on her friend. “Narumi, what happened? .. Why are? .. Are you already dead? ..”

Narumi looked at her with such sadness that Satskaya would have thrown herself into the bushes, if Takaya had not kept a hold on her.

“Wait, Matsuyama. This is not a soul, it is a mental message: Narumi is projecting her image here, but she is not here. She is alive.”

“Is it true? The truth?” Satskaya could not hide her relief. “Oh, Narumi, thank God ...”

But Narumi, as if not noticing her joy, still continued to look as sad with tears in her eyes.

“What, what happened?” Broke Satskaya. “Do not cry ... Did you want tell me something? Tell me, I'll help, I promise, just tell me where you are?!”

There was still no response.

“Come on, Narumi! How do I understand if you say nothing?”

“Shh! .. Hush ...” interrupted Takaya in a whisper. “The signal is too weak, and that's not audible. Her strength is barely enough to transmit the image, but she clearly wants to tell you something ... Concentrate, try to hear.”

“It is easy to say ...”

Satskaya did not understand what to do. She struggled to listen, but could not hear anything. Takaya also failed, but oddly enough, Yuzuru succeeded.

“Miyazdima? ..”

Takaya and Satskaya looked at him in amazement. Maybe his mental wave length coincided with Narumi? ..

Yuzuru muttered, repeating to himself in audible words: “Misen on Miyajima? .. The famous mountain ... You're there?”

“Yuzuru ... You heard what she said?”

“It is not that very good but she keeps repeating – Go to Misen, Misen ...”

“Narumi are you on the Miyajima? If yes, then nod!”

Narumi opened her mouth, but then her strength dried up and the image began to melt.

“Narumi, wait, do not go! ..”

But no screams could hold her back, and soon the ghostly figure disappeared completely. Satskaya lowered her hands, and then clenched them into fists, angry at herself for not hearing her friend’s voice.

“Damn ... Damn! ..”

Satskaya repeatedly kicked the flowerbed. Takaya looked at her in silence, and then turned to Yuzuru: “She said: Go to Misen on the Miyajima, right?”

“Yes. Kept repeating it, so we go to Misen.”

“So she said ‘go’?” Takaya's face was puzzled. “‘Go’ and not ‘come’?”

“Absolutely, I am certain.”

Takaya was thoughtful, as if something bothered him. But then Satskaya swooped on them: “I'm going to Miyajima, now! To Narumi save!”

“Have you looked at the clock? No ferry is going to sail now.”

“But Narumi is calling for help!”

“Calm down. I am going to Miyajima tomorrow. The night here is useless, everything is closed. I'll wait, in the morning I will go to Misen, and you go back to hotel with him - you can come back tomorrow.”

“Hotel? What next! .. I'll go with you! Narumi is my friend! If not for me she would not have appeared here now!”

“Who has heard the voice of Narumi? I. What is the use if you go alone, and are not able to find it? ..So I go, no questions asked. If you will not take me, then Satskaya-san and I go together.”

“Why do you have to get it into your head?”

“I am getting it into my head! Stop being selfish!”

But Takaya, too, was braced.

“What do you mean by selfish? It is dangerous, you know? You cannot go there.”

“It is dangerous, but for some reason you can? .. So can we.”

“You cannot. For anything.”

“I'm still going!”

“Do you have a head on your shoulders? You're not a kid anymore!”

“No, I'm not a kid, but I do have a head on my shoulders!”

Yuzuru had a truly asinine stubbornness, but Takaya now was not in the mood to take it easy. He paused, and then gave up: “Well, fine.”

“What? ..” Yuzuru did not understand.

“Do what you want. Want to drag along, get in the way - please. Want to make sure how much useless you really are – lets go for God's sake. I do not care if you have to unintentionally fight and get killed. Not my concern.”

“What did you say?..” Satskaya snapped up, and was about to lash out at him with her fists, but Yuzuru held her back.

Takaya was behaving strangely.

“Takaya ...”

Rather than get angry, Yuzuru was alarmed. Takaya never talked to him in that tone. He wanted to ask what had happened, but Takaya looked away, as if moving away from the answer.

“I'll meet you tomorrow.”

With that he turned and walked down the street. Yuzuru now had no doubt that his friend was concerned with something and he was still feeling very upset about it - hence the rudeness. He wanted to go after him but could not – his receding figure seemed to alienate everything. Yuzuru could only look to accompany him until Satskaya next to him angrily muttered:

“Fine, does not give a fig ... Who does he think he is? ..”

"What happened , Takaya?" Yuzuru thought, looking after his departing friend, but he knew that he was not destined to know the answer.

Takaya was haunted by a phrase he had heard once from Chiaki.

He will not survive long.

For the umpteenth time the memory of those words echoed in his heart and hindered his thinking.

If it goes on – it’s the end. His mind will not sustain and his soul would simply end ...

Meeting Naoe today, horrified Takaya – he was not a man but like a candle that was about to be snuffed out. He had been anxiously watching the fatigue growing in Naoe’s soul, but what had appeared before his eyes today ... Naoe had looked like a fatally pale and emaciated, dying dog.

The change had almost not touched his appearance, but Takaya could observe the weakening of the spirit with every second and understood that it was at the final stage of exhaustion.

In all his life he had not seen anything like this.

I have been waiting for you.

Takaya grimaced - the memory still hurt.

You extort feelings of people but have never given anything in return!

"Exactly,” he mentally retorted, “You will not get anything from me in return.”

But Takaya did not notice, as he ignored what was in front of him despite his cunning. How he was avoiding listening to his heart, and did not want to recognize the true nature of feelings lurking there. Meanwhile, today a strong feeling threatened to bury everything under it.

You will sooner or later lose Naoe.
The barbed words were stuck into his brain. Takaya tried to not to listen to them, shut them out, but to no avail - they seem to have become his inner voice.

Will certainly lose.

“What good is it for me to talk about it? As if I can do anything...”

Takaya did not understand himself. It would seem, he had come to the conclusion that Naoe needed help. To get rid of the pain it was possible only by breaking the attachment, and this nobody will do for Naoe, he must do it himself.

I decided to quit on being obsessed with you. I realized how stupid it was to cling to a man like you.

Takaya closed his eyes.

“But clinging the same for four hundred years.”

Takaya had no doubt that the pretense had been a sheer sham. If it had only been so simple - a little contempt, and no more feeling, would it have to lead up to complete loss of strength of oneself?

Or it could have been exactly the opposite, and Naoe’s retained power flowed through the sieve of the soul along with the rest powers? What if he told the truth ... that in fact he was able to discard what had bound him, and he had stopped fighting, and stopped rebelling ...”

“You were going to defeat me, remember? Triumph - you wanted me most of all ...”

I want to triumph over you ..

“And you are saying that you threw it away? Your strongest, most indestructible desire?”

It can’t be ... Or can it?

The memory of the violently imposed caresses scorched flames of fire on his skin. Naoe feelings, his deepest pain had transmitted with every ruthless touch as if imprinting on the body, and his body could not forget.

“Why ...”

Takaya stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, shivering as he recalled the feel of Naoe’s hands and lips on his skin.

Again he was frightened as every time it was followed by a other hated feeling unknown to the current body, but too familiar to the soul. The memory about the violence he had gone through in the past – it was more savage, more obscene, could remember it so clearly ... Takaya would have liked to say "it was not", but could not.

Since then he had lost count of the nights, when he jumped out of bed in cold sweat. The event that had left of the deepest wound in the heart of Kagetora, now revived in the soul of Takaya again and again.

P.S.S.S.S Crap too much translating is not good either....just started the next part and its Kagetora's rape memory. I remember the ova and kinda knew but I know now why it was so hard for him to rely on Naoe to help him get past such a cruel event (T_T) So warning rape scene next part


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Jul. 12th, 2014 02:24 am (UTC)
its been a while ^^
ahh , i was living under a rock for 2 months :) it good to be back
this part was emotional to read >_<
thank you for the hard work you’re doing for the MoB fans XD you’re a GOD ^_^
Jul. 13th, 2014 08:23 pm (UTC)
Re: its been a while ^^
Awww thanks....I am only a mere human - despite my siblings denial (they are pretty sure I am a half alien and partially a dodo bird and possibly a cow somewhere as well) :P

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Woah!! Thanks a lot!! :9
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