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Volume 10, Chapter 5 Part 3 (Final)

Volume 10 : Chapter 5

Part 3

“How many times I have to repeat? Yang Guifei took Narumi! I saw it with my own eyes! ..”

Matsuyama Satskaya seethed with indignation. Sitting in the lobby of the hotel, surrounded by police, she was repeating her story the tenth time to them, but the police were stubbornly unwilling to understand.

“So who is this "Yang Guifei"?”

“Yang Guifei – The Yang Guifei! Have you people not read the books? A historical celebrity, she was still very beautiful! ..”

“So what?” A middle-aged police officer was ready to grab his head. “Where have you seen her, in a dream?”

“That's it, in a dream! While I was unconscious, I saw Yang Guifei take Narumi, and Narumi did not want to go! So save her, ASAP!”

The police looked at each other. "The girl is out of her mind" could clearly be read on their faces.

“So, have you actually seen someone kidnap Narumi-san? Or did you only see it in a dream.”

“Yeah, so what? Narumi is truly gone! I'm telling you, it's Yang Guifei! ..-”
But the police did not pay any attention to her, they rose from the couch.

“Thank you, Matsuyama-san. I'm sorry we took your time, you can go back to the room” and the man turned to leave. Satskaya hurriedly jumped.

“Hey, stop! You do not believe a damn thing I say! Wait, I am telling! ..”

The police left her without any attention to her indignant cries and, talking quietly, left the building. Takaya and his companions passed them at the door.

“Well girl’s gone now... And what just is going on in their heads? ..”

“Yes you see, what is it ... That you take from her? ..”

“A cry - it was, cry ... Maybe this Narumi herself escaped under cover and is now somewhere in the city of having fun.”

“I bet that she will come back at night.”

Hmmm, Takaya thought, I could not help overhearing the conversation. Good investigators are scratching tongues at the person behind their back ... No, the police could not be counted on.

The hotel building – was beautiful, with a spacious lobby - facing the Prospekt Mira. It was a too expensive hotel for a school trip.

“Here what means the school for the noble - not that we have ...”

“Look, is that not her?”

The girl, which Yuzuru pointed out, sat in a chair next to the counter and was smoking a cigarette.

“How noble...”
The guys headed towards her. Satskaya raised her head and looked at the approaching trio.

“Do I ...”

“Hello, Matsuyama-san!” - Chiaki greeted her with professional smile, which, however, failed to make any impression on Satskaya.

“Come girls are glued together? Then you can stomp right back.”

“We came to talk” - interrupted Takaya - “about Narumi-san and Yang Guifei, who kidnapped her.”

Satskaya flinched and grabbed him.

“Tell me again what you told the police” - Takaya asked, sitting down in the chair opposite.

“And why should I? As if you can do something... I remember you, I saw your spectacle at the Museum”

“Turns up I, too, am a guardian of order ...”

Takaya raised an eyebrow and just stared at her with an unblinking gaze.

Satskaya was confused, but Takaya taking advantage of her confusion quickly reached out and pulled out the cigarette from the mouth of the girl.

“What the ...”

“Do you want to save your friend?” Takaya said, not taking his eyes off her. “Then tell me what you saw in detail” and he crushed the cigarette in the ashtray.

Under his gaze Satskaya was suffocating. A pause dragged. Satskaya felt that if she did not free from his imperious gaze, she could not talk.
Unable to withstand the pressure, she broke the silence first.

“Okay, I'll tell. Anyway the police did not believe me - so they are not listening to me, as if it should be judged on appearance, the fools ...”

Satskaya, irritably, repeated the story she had told the police. With every word she ignited more, and in the end even her fists were shaking.

“So, Yang Guifei appeared while you were unconscious? And why do you think this is it? How did you know she was supposed to look like?”

“Well ... her clothing was like an ancient Chinese woman. And then she said so - I'm, like, Yang Guifei.”

“She introduced herself?”

“That's right, imagine! Here clearly a fool ... She grabbed Narumi from the back, rose into the air and flew away like Feechka ... Then I opened my eyes and I saw Narumi really was not there ... And they ask what it was ... you explained to me what it was! ..”

Satskaya repeatedly banged her fist in anger on her knee. Takaya gave Chiaki and Yuzuru a questioning look.

“There were no witnesses, right?”

“It seems so. Hell knows what’s going on.... Then, the girl could have managed ... Well, if the perpetrator – was a man, he needed a car or other means of transport. The witnesses should have stayed there. The problem is so-called "Yang Guifei" ...”

Takaya turned back to Satskaya.

“Before losing consciousness, did you feel any smell?”

“Smell? By the way, yes ...” – Satskaya’s face became thoughtful. “Indeed, there was smell of incense, and it immediately crippled me, and my head got dizzy ... Listen, find Narumi, eh? She was strange all yesterday evening.”

“How strange?”

“In the evening she left the hotel and went to the shore alone.”

“At what shore?”

“We spent the night at Miyajima, well, there is a enormous shrine close by. And Narumi went to view the sea alone, it was strange, and I saw ...”

“What did you see?”

“Narumi there met with a strange woman, she was young and eerily beautiful - well, purely Julian. And they talked some kind of nonsense. Something about Manju and Maurice, and even about Koji Kikkawa ... And they talked in an unusual old-fashioned way, like it happens in historical films.”

*Miyajima - one of the islands in the Inland Sea, off the coast of Hiroshima. Famous for the Itsukushima Shinto shrine and a large gate-tory, "floating" in the water during high tide.

**Julian - a Japanese fashion model.
*** Koji Kikkawa - Japanese musician and actor.

Chiaki and Yuzuru looked at each other. Manju? Maurice? Koji Kikkawa?

“Still I was surprised that while they were talking, the sea was full of lights. Well, just a lot of ... What are they called? Mirages? No, the "Phenomenal fires," that reminds me that I heard ... here in short, were thousands of them immediately - it is awful, of course, but also beautiful at the same time.”

“And then what did Narumi-san do?”

“Uh ... She and the woman were arguing about something. How was it? .. Something somewhere "Sui", then "oda" ... did she mean Oda Yuji? And again manju, manju ... "Momiji manju", or what? We had them in lunch in the afternoon but did not have time to buy more ..”

**** Oda Yuji - Japanese actor.
***** Momiji manju - special cakes (manju) in the form of maple leaves (Momiji), a local product of the island of Miyajima

“Then she went back to the hotel?”

“Yeah. In the morning I asked her, but she denied it – said that she did not go anywhere and did not remember anything. All of it was suspicious...”

Chiaki and Yuzuru listened and shook their heads. Takaya thought for a moment, and then asked:

“Have there been more times when Narumi-san behaviour seemed weird?”

“Yes, there was such a incident ... When we went into the cave Syuho.”

“Syuho, the famous cave in Yamaguchi?”

“Yeah. We went there on the second day, on the way from Hagi. At the bottom Narumi became ill, she fell down, began to shake as epileptic, and then opened her eyes and began to cart some sort of nonsense:

"Go away, strangers! Immediately! ", she made such a terrible face, we all began to shake in fear. It was as if she was someone possessed ... but then she dropped again, afterwards was, well, normal.”

Chiaki nodded, glanced at Takaya. He also seemed to have come to conclusion.
“Find Narumi, please” - Satskaya spoke fervently, leaning forward. “Her folks are of modest means, they do not have the money for ransom ... Help me, huh?”

It seemed Satskaya was a loyal friend.

“We will try to find as soon as possible - Takaya said. “As soon as I hear anything, I will call, so just sit here and do not go anywhere.”


They left the hotel and went on Prospectus of the World Motoyasukavy aside, then turned onto the street Rydzy to take the tram.

“That's a beauty - Chiaki handed, looking at the photo Hokamury Narumi, they had not forgotten to ask. “Interesting, as Yang Guifei... ha ha. A pity if she the same bad manners ...”

“This girl may have become the receptacle of the spirit”- Takaya muttered, stepping forward. “Nine to one, that her behaviour in the cave Syuho and Miyajima was caused by the spirite. Apparently, it liked her to instil its spirit in, and chose her receptacle, and therefore abducted her.”

“Well, who, who possessed it? Yang Guifei did not, in fact ...”

“The key to the solution could be the woman to Miyajima,” Takaya said, stepping into the crosswalk. “She probably knows something.”

“And yet, what does it mean? Julian Maurice, manju, Koji Kikkawa, Oda Yuji ... Complete gibberish.”

“Well, it’s how you see” - Takaya looked over his shoulder. “"Mori", "Kikkawa", "TMN", "ode" ... what on earth it could be?”

Chiaki and Yuzuru repeatedly uttered the words themselves and then with one voice cried out:

“ Mori, Kikkawa, Sue, Oda!”

“That's it” – Takaya took a deep breath. “Mori Motonari, Kikkawa Motoharu, Sue Harukata, Oda Nobunaga. It looks like she is in a serious bind.”

Chiaki and Yuzuru frowned. "Yang Guifei" could be anyone, not just an ordinary ghost.

Author note: Phew finally done....I don't know any Japanese or Russian, so the translating and making sense of sentences is problematic, hence the slow update.. anyhow here you guys go....

PS. University's starting in 4 days...I am going suuuuper crazy, any tips for successful next 4 years???


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Oct. 27th, 2013 03:09 pm (UTC)
waaaa ^_^ thank you for sharing your super hard work ^^
ahh you're a university student , me too ^^
the best advice i can give you is ....(the most important one) NEVER listen to negative comments or opinions from others. the other advice is (never wait to last moment to do your assignments)

^_^ good luck and thank you again :-)
Nov. 24th, 2013 11:28 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating and good luck with your studies. ;-)

Dec. 26th, 2013 03:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot!!

Just curious; do you plan on continuing with translations? Almost every translator for this series disappears without a trace, so I thought I should ask, haha
Feb. 9th, 2014 06:42 pm (UTC)
I want to continue it too but reading the end always saddens me and I am sure thats what happens to all the translators too...0__0

Although I thought no one was reading it anymore thats why I have not been translating it because the MOB livejournal group was not postable so I thought it ended.....if you guys want to read I can continue :D
Feb. 9th, 2014 07:01 pm (UTC)
I don't blame them. OTL Though... there's a new story out so maybe that'll be less depressing?! (lol)

Ah!! No, there are definitely people out there still reading. I think due to the nature of it getting dropped repeatedly and it being such a long time since people got into it... people probably forget about it or ignore it for a while hoping when they come back there'll be more stuff, haha. Though, I know a lot of people were only interested in the romance/smutty stuff and just left after those bits were done >_>;;; Well, it isn't like I'm not interested in it, but I'm interested in the entire story and I know there are others out there like that, too. And, especially because I haven't spoiled myself for anything and have no idea of what's to come I'm all the more eager to read it.

I had no idea the MOB trans community didn't allow new posts! Maybe the owner did it on accident? Or possibly because they moved over to http://mirage-trans.dreamwidth.org/ instead... I'm not really sure because I never tried to post there, lol ^^;;

In any case, yes, I'd be absolutely thrilled if you continued to translate!!
。・゚(´□`)゚・。 And, actually, if you don't mind... for the parts that were only summarized (those were done by quaint-twilight, I think), could you provide translations for those parts, maybe, pretty-please? (;´Д`) Ermm, I understand if I'm asking too much. But I really want to read the full version;;;

Also...!! Forgive me if I'm wrong but you're going from the Japanese, right? In which case, there was a post that made a request for some missing volumes here:
I thought it'd slightly lessen the load so you don't have to do so much if another person was able to work on it... though, if you're going from physical copies then, nevermind. And, also, if you don't mind doing it all yourself, nevermind in general;;; OTL

*cough* Sorry. I got over-excited when I saw your reply and got kind of chatty (-ㅂ-);;;
Feb. 28th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
Naw that ok. I am actually translating from Russian translations into English even though I can not even read a single word of Russian :P so if anyone has got the the digital print of that volume in which there was that hotel scene ova I would love reading the whole!

I love this story honestly, the characters are so beautifully shown and non of the stupid meaningless stuff found around in the new yaoi stories(though I am hoping to translate hot tidbits myself ( =^o^=) hehehe...guess thats what makes us true yaoi fans :p)
Feb. 28th, 2014 02:23 pm (UTC)
Oh!! I didn't realize/forgot if you mentioned that before orz;; I'm not sure if anyone does or not //sob

I know what you mean! I think it's the fact that the characters and story are so good that makes the sexy bits so sexy. When you've got a couple of carbon copy characters without much depth it's hard to feel as emotionally involved, sexy scenes or non-sexy scenes, ya know? And, moreover, since it's not a ratio of 2 pages of "story" to 20 pages of smut it makes it all the more meaningful and special :9
Mar. 1st, 2014 04:39 pm (UTC)
I agree these days nobody is writing any good story its all more smut every 2 seconds than actual story or character development or progress that used to make readers like me fall in love with the story, characters and author....miss the real good stuff...(==_==)

:D Good news I have started translating the next chapter but will paste it when its a little longer
Mar. 1st, 2014 04:41 pm (UTC)
I know! It's a shame that that's the only stuff that holds people's interest, too... I got excited when people started to work on BL novels but they're all quite mediocre... like most stories in general these days, I guess. OTL

Uwa!! I'm lookin' forward to it~ *A*
Jul. 9th, 2014 12:20 pm (UTC)
MOB Chapter 6 up!
Hello everyone!

Since MOB livejournal page is still not accepting new entries I am spreading the word myself: MOB Vol 10 Chapter 6 fully translated is up!

Link: http://tasha-poisonous.livejournal.com/

Happy Reading....
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