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Volume 10 Chapter 5 Part 2

Tasha: Sorry guys been busy with entry test preparation (wish me luck)! Here you guys go:

Vol 10 Chapter 5

Part 2

Takaya, Chiaki and Yuzuru walked down the street to the place of public gathering. Between the columns, pile foundation on which rested the building of the museum, was already overcrowded. In the crowd, which consisted of students from different schools, there was a strange excitement.

"What's the matter?"

Ahead, at the fountain, a huge amount of crowd had gathered. Some people were running, screaming, calling ministers – something out there was obviously wrong.

“What happened?”

Pushing his way through the rows of onlookers, the young men saw senseless bodies on the square around the fountain. There were sixty or seventy girls dressed in the same fashion as the recently encountered chatterbox, lying around on the ground. Some were already raising their hands, others stayed where they had fallen. Around them confusion reigned.

“What is the matter with them?”

“They stood there and collapsed” Yazaki said, who turned out to be near, looking confused.

“Simultaneously? For what reason?”

“How do I know ... Maybe the sun overheated ... Somehow all this is creepy ...”

Suddenly there were shouts from behind - a few girls in the crowd fell unconscious.

“Oh, you know ... Hold her! ..” Screaming right now: on the ground there were as many as five or six people. It was like a chain reaction, the girls were ready to drop one by one.

“Look, there are ours!”

“Ah! Nao-chan! .. Ton-chan! ..”Judging by the howls of Saori, one of her group member had fallen.

The inexplicable attack hit only girls. The loss of consciousness was creating around more and more panic.

“Takaya look!”

Takaya turned and saw that over the open bodies on the ground was dancing a reddish light. No, it was not just light, but ... like the scarlet bird - the phoenix? ..

"It cannot be" - Takaya thought and wanted to rub his eyes, but the glowing bird had already dived into the crowd and disappeared behind the backs of the people.

"What was that? .."


Chiaki was holding a girl by the shoulders from their class, over which, bending, wailing was Saori scared to death. After working with their elbows, Takaya and Yuzuru were close.

“Fainting ... From anemia, or what? ..”

“No ... No it is not anemic.”

Takaya put a hand on her forehead and fainted Tomoko started when he could not grasp the distinctive energy of the pulse.

“Pulled the power from her…”

“And with this is the same. What kind of nonsense? ..”

“Ogi-kun, do something, they are so going to die! .. Wake them quickly! ..”

Takaya again placed his hand to the girl’s forehead, closed his eyes and gave her a part of his energy force. Awakened by the warm jerk, Tomoko opened her eyelids.


“What ... what happened to me? ..”

Takaya left them and went to another. He shared with the girls his energy, and from such "artificial respiration" all quickly come to life.

When Takaya staggered to his feet after another session, Chiaki supported his side, not letting him fall.

“Do not spend too much, pull yourself together.”


Yuzuru sat hunched over a girl in a familiar form, with a slightly lighten hair pulled back in a ponytail. Takaya came up and shared his energy, and she opened her eyes.

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

The girl stared absently at Yuzuru and then suddenly at the village.

“Narumi. Where is Narumi?” She asked.

“E.. Who is it?”

“Where is Narumi?”

The girl desperately looking around and called her friend, who, it seemed, was nowhere to be seen. Yuzuru tried again:

“What are you nervous about? Who's In ...”

“She was here just now! And now she’s gone, where did she go?”

Takaya and his companions looked at each other in bewilderment.

“Take it easy. Your friend or something? You were with her?”

“Yes! She was there all the time!”

“Look” – Chiaki served Takaya a pointed gesture. Meanwhile around, the women started crying. They were those who came to themselves, were bursting into tears.

“Come on ... Come on, Ton-chan ...” Saori helplessly kept saying.

“Ooh ... It was so scary! ..”

Yuzuru turned to Takaya's anxious face.

“ And the rest, do we leave them like this?”

“They're safe, they just bailed. Once their energy is accumulated, they will wake themselves up.”

Just then drove patrol with swift and took those who were unconscious.
Waking up after fainting crying, friends oohed over them in confusion, and the whole area looked like a fountain surreal landscape.

“Narumi ... Narumi! ..”

“Hush, now they will find her” soothed Yuzuru, but she just sobbed and it absolutely was not listening. Sobbing over the area became even louder.

"What is going on here?"

Takaya, too, was in confusion. He understood that the cause of the mass fainting was a loss of energy. They were all bailed out by someone, but who?”

“The red phoenix bird?”

“Kagetora! I have not found any one like that” reported Chiaki as he returned. Hearing this, the girl opened her eyes and covered her mouth with her hands.

“So, Narumi is kidnapped ... Is actually kidnapped ...”

“"Kidnapped?" What're you talking about, she was just with you.”

“But is not present now, then she’s kidnapped! I've seen! .. I saw how it took away Yang Guifei!”

“Yang Guifei? ..”


The news of the mass fainting among schoolgirls immediately hit the headlines. Fortunately, the survey found that the physical condition of the women was normal. From the Dzehoku school 15 people were injured, but they quickly recovered and were able to continue the tour.
Still, the incident left one mysterious and unexplainable consequence:
one of the girls who was in the area at that time, a student of the girl's school near Hanayama had disappeared without a trace.

“The name of the missing girl - Hokamura Narumi. Student of the graduating class of the school Hanayama from Saitama Prefecture, it turns out she’s the same age as you. Up until the fateful moment was on the square, as evidenced by her friend Matsuyama Satskaya and other classmates.”

“Matsuyama Satskaya? - Takaya repeated. “It's her we evacuated then? Hooligan kind of girl ...”

“She's the one. It seems to Hokamuroy they were thick as thieves, hence also that same Wild Child. Just on your part ...”

“Why is it that on my part?” Takaya grimaced and gave Chiaki angry look. “I do not even know them.”

Because of the turmoil, it was decided to cancel further plans for the day, and students of the school Dzehoku had moved to the hotel, glad that it was not necessary to interrupt the entire trip. This was now, Chiaki and Yuzuru sat opposite each other in easy chairs the lobby and discussing what had happened.

“Disappearance is no laughing matter ... And besides, unnatural because she was with others, until they fainted.

“But I am more concerned about the fact that, you know, "Yang Guifei taken away." Delusion of some kind ...”

“Yang Guifei, so ...”

That was the name the first Chinese concubine of Emperor Tang Xuanzong, who had a reputation for unparalleled beauty. For that beauty the emperor had loved her so much that he had began to disregard the affairs of the state. Yang Guifei had died during the rebellion Anshi, and went down in history as the "Beauty that ruined the Emperor."

And yet, what was the historical figure from Tang China doing here?

“In any case, there’s something fishy - Takaya leaned forward - his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped at his mouth. “ The Red bird the phoenix, which we have seen with Yuzuru - I think it was that, that drank from the girls.”


“No,” said Takaya firmly “its a human spirit . The spirit that has taken the form - this was achieved by an elementary force of will. That it took the form of a bird.”

“Whose is this spirit? Do not tell me that this Yang Guifei.”

“It is a thought. To answer that question, we need to talk with the affected girls.” Takaya turned to Yuzuru and asked:

“They are already out of the hospital? In what room are they? I want to talk to them.”

“Uh ... This is Morino-san’s group. What is the number? .. The hotel is so huge, it is necessary to go back and see the listing.”

“Come on. Let's start with the collection of information.”

Soon the trio was standing in the doorway of Saori’s room.

“Oh, Narita-kun! .. Welcome back! I did not expect you to come by yourself ... Sit down, sit down here!” Saori patted on the free cushion.

Chiaki was indignant:

“Why are you not offering us?”

“A. .. Sorry, no more cushions.”

“Listen, Yoshioka” Takaya turned to Saori’s roommate, “will you tell precisely what happened to you? You said you were scared, but why? Something you dreamed about during the fainting?”

Tomoko struggling for words said, “It felt as if a hand crawled in my head and was pulling ...sucking out my feeling ...once I had time to think that something was wrong, all I could see straight was white and white ... I woke up on the ground with a sense of the fear ... it was so terrible, there are just no words ...”

“And I felt the same thing” another voice added. “The invisible hand crept into my head, and maybe, in the heart - I do not know how to say ...”

Takaya turned to the girl, who sat quietly in the corner.

“Did you have the same vision?!

“I had ... Exactly the same, yes ... Only I remember, before losing consciousness, I sensed a strange smell.”

“What smell?”

“It smelled like incense.”

“Perhaps those that were smoking on the obelisk (smoke bamboo)?”

“No, it was not the usual incense ... the smell was sharp, particular ... I do not know with what to compare. Oh, and the voice! ..”,the demure girl unexpectedly raised her tone.

“I heard a woman's voice! First, just hum in my ears, and then it turned to the sound of a voice, but I could not make out the words. I only remember that the voice was beautiful and belonged to a woman.”
The young boys looked at each other. The smell of incense and a woman's voice ...

Outside the room, Takaya said:

“I sensed the smell of scent.”

“Incense? - inquired Chiaki.”

“Fool. The smell of incense and a woman's voice - with the key word "Yang Guifei" combines both, and more. In addition, it affected only girls - also fits ... nothing can be done, will have to shake that girlfriend” muttered Takaya, coming down the stairs.

“You're going to pay a visit to the private girls' school?”

“Do you know the hotel address?”

“You bet. Everything is under control, boss”, Chiaki waved a piece of paper in front of Takaya's nose.

“Yeah, you never forget about that...”

“Telephone number, address - I am the master here.”


Yuzuru’s abrupt hail made Takaya turn in the middle of the stairs.

Yuzuru looked at him with a frown:

“Enough, no more interference. We came here on a tour, it's not your concern. Why should you climb yourself into the loop?”

“In order to prevent new causalities”, Takaya said quietly.
“When did you become so good? And anyway they will understand without you. Police is on that.”

“Listen, Narita” - interrupted Chiaki – “do not be selfish. Do you not see? If the police could deal with this, we would not have stepped in.”

“And did you, go and tell them everything.”

“As if the die-hard cops believe us. You're so anxious to have a good time - but one girl is missing. You're not the least bit ashamed to not think of her?”

“Yes, I have thought of her but do not see why...”

“You are a snotty jerk ... listen and remember: when a woman is in distress - the whole world is in danger. Stand idly by when a beautiful lady cries out for help, my chivalrous spirit does not allow it.”

“A beautiful lady? ..” Takaya muttered aside. “Minute back was a bitch ...”

“Well, hell with you, but Takaya what will do about it?”

“Yuzuru”- Takaya gently interrupted, “I'll be careful. As soon as there’s a whiff of danger, we will immediately drop everything.”

“Really? Promise me.”

“I promise.”

“Okay, then I'm with you. I also saw the phoenix bird, I too have the right.”
Takaya and Chiaki looked at each other. It looked like Yuzuru had decided to look after them, so they were not too cut off from the company of the school.

Chiaki shrugged and turned away – “They say, do what you want.”

Takaya eventually gave up and nodded.

“Clear. Then let’s go.”



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