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Volume 10 Chapter 5 Part 1

Tasha: This was the most difficult part for me to translate and I thought about about skipping this part since some it contains some details about the Nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima and really made me sentimental as I have only heard just few empty facts about the incident and it was just too much, but then I realized by ignoring and pretending it never happened it is a grave insult to all those people whose lives were so drastically affected. And at least to think for even 2 minutes in our life and pray for the people affected and hope mankind atone for the pain they inflict...

****Sensitive people plus any young teenager please read carefully or skim only to dialogues***

I am sorry but I am intentionally keeping this part short.

Chapter 5: BEAUTY, promising DISASTER

Part 01

The train with a noisy gang of students arrived in Hiroshima in the afternoon. All rather tired of the way, so came out on to the platform with relief.

“Phew, finally arrived! From here the fun begins. Hiroshima, Hiroshima, we in Hiroshima? That's right, okonomiyaki and Hiroshima Carp!”

Saori enthusiasm was truly inexhaustible. Takaya, who was forced to the bitter end playing cards, by contrast, looked completely exhausted.

“Chiaki-kun! Do you swing for any baseball?”

“I? .. For Hiroshima.”

“Come on, I have always advocated for the Hanshin!”

“Bah! .. I hate the Tigers.”

“Really? And who was wiping snot on their sleeves when they lost the last game?”

“Hmm ... And Ogi-kun, I wonder, supports whom?”

“Takaya before rooted for the Dragons, while Hoshino was their head coach, and now I do not even know ...”

Yes at one time Takaya had liked the Dragons, but then too often he became to remember the Tigers, so he did not notice when he switched to the Hanshin (however, in the Pacific League, his sympathies were still on the side of the Kintetsu).

Once outside, the students headed to the bus terminal, where there was already a tour bus, ready to deliver them to their first destination - Park World.

Hiroshima, the largest city in the Chugoku region, located at the mouth of the river Otagavy - that is before the sea broke into six branches.

Therefore Hiroshima sometimes was called the capital city on the water.

In the center of the city was a castle, where Mori Terumoto used to rule their lands from and later his family settled offset of Asano. Under them, the city with revenue 420,000 cocu*, flourished throughout the Edo period, but years later, it was here for the first time in the history of mankind, the first atomic bomb, exploded during the war.

*Cocu - an ancient measure of volume. As coca measured rice, which was the monetary equivalent in medieval Japan.

Since then, more than fifty years have passed. The destroyed city to the ground due to the firm determination and perseverance of the people was full of greenery and beautiful - nothing in its present form would remind us of the tragedy. But, at the same time, there was no one in the streets of Hiroshima and no alley, which would not carry the memories.

In the Peace Park, they arrived as a class - the teacher having decided that his visit should be mandatory, and was absolutely right. School students got off the bus and followed the guide to the beginning of the inspection.

The vast park, in which the citizens loved to walk and relax, was located on the northern tip of the island, sandwiched between two rivers - the Honkavy and Motoyasukavy.

Sakura on the broad alleys just were in full bloom, their petals torn off by the wind swirled in the air. Behind the wall of falling petals, on the other side of the river, could be seen the old, more than half of the destroyed building - "Nuclear house", around which there was a group students, paying rapid attention to their tour guides.

***This infamous building with wrecked fittings, and walls caved in, preserved the form in which it has begun right after the explosion. The bomb exploded just above it at a height of six hundred meters, a cloudless morning of the 8th August 1945, when the clock showed fifteen minutes of nine o’ clock.

Even the noisy merrymakers were silenced and sobered by listening to the story of the guide and looking at the "Atomic house" – a testimony, a reminder, a prayer for peace, which was probably destined to stand there forever.

Then they were taken to the museum, which had accumulated photographs, models, panoramas; recreating the terrible event, as well as items that had truly survived the explosion.

The molten glass, a fragment of the wall where the shadow imprinted of the person sitting beside, images of the city immediately after the blast, photos of charred and burnt bodies, preserved in alcohol izrubtsovannoy pieces of skin ... Looking at this, Takaya closed his eyes, but it was actually there.

“The horror ...”

Saori, yammering before, now quietly and timidly looked at the exhibits from behind the back of her friend. Yuzuru also was more silent. They were astounded of the records of nuclear tests relaying on the screen in the corner.

“Wow ...”

Coverings of the monstrous wave of buildings blown up in the blink of an eye, easily, like weightless house of cards. This really was a snap in a second. The explosion shocked, even being taped.

“If there were people ...”

But it was the same. Those who were in the midst of the explosion were killed that way - in an instant. Not in some sort of test, and in this very city.

That morning, people looked at the sky, which was no different from yesterday, and no one would have thought that after a minute from there hell was to break loose on them. The fatalities of the instant death did not even understand what had happened. Just a life that went on as usual, suddenly ended in a blinding flash. That's all that remained of them in the end ...

How many thousands of "that is all" spawned to this one second devilish bomb? Why mankind created such a terrible thing? Why? ..

“This was not supposed to be ...” Yuzuru whispered near.

Takaya raised his eyes and looked at the photos and clothing in front of him.

In fact, these things as narrated were impossible to be reconciled with – it rolls not hate, but anger, mixed with tears. For whom is this anger for -enemies? Those who dropped the bomb? They, perhaps, too, but not only them. At the individuals, on science? No. To war at all?

Once again inadequate, because war itself does not occur.

No, it is angry humanity that has given rise to this.

The Mankind lacks the fear of the works their own hands do. People need to realize that they themselves have created hell, understand, experience and be scared. And be angry at themselves.

“There should not be this...” Yuzuru muttered again, and Takaya pursed his lips.

Suddenly, from the other end of the hall there was either laughing, or screaming - out of place in the routine noise.

“No, what sort of people ...” Chiaki whispered indignantly.

In the hall lot of people were crowded, all groups from different schools. Generally rustling now and then, fought their way someone's loud voice – it did not share experiences, they were chatting only as they had nothing else to do. As if to say, did not see or did not understand what lay ahead of them on the display.

“Clinic ...” Chiaki muttered contemptuously. “Clearly, they do not want - do not look, and they do not feel anything at all.”

Some high school girls were being raucous. Not that everyone here was supposed to tremble with fear - after all, everyone perceives what they saw in their own way - but the festive mood was beyond all sorts of decency. About such people say that they will not fix the grave.

“And the attractive faces know nothing ... - Chiaki shook his head and went forward. Takaya stood still on the spot and Yuzuru called to him in a worried voice.

There was another annoying roar of laughter. The girls continued to chatter with a cup of tea as if in any cafe. Takaya suddenly moved, went up to the merry company and jerking from the circle the most vociferous girl, grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and pressed her on the wall.

“Ouch!” Girl with bright lipstick and a skirt tucked obscenely stared at him dumbfounded. Her companions paused in surprise. Takaya narrowed his eyes and leaned in close to the girl.

“What ... the ...”

“You are a fool, this is what…” a quiet voice with rage Takaya exhaled on her face.

“There are times, with some such ill in the head ...”

“What are you doing? Let me go! ..”
“I do not have enough marbles in my head, but compared to you, you silly stuffed – I am simply a genius.”

Takaya leaned dangerously below and whispered in her ear:

“Think of where you are.”

Then he abruptly released her and walked away. The stunned girl friends quickly recovered and began to heap curses after him.

Takaya then turned just once and under his eyes, cold cutting Kagetora glance, all the voices died away, as if someone had switched off sound.

Chiaki and Yuzuru were waiting for him at the entrance of the hall.

“Cleverly done. The young ladies shut up, as if on cue.”

“Takaya, you have this in vain”, their teacher looked ...yup, and thought, I suppose, "Well, at least someone put them in their place."

Walking down the hall flooded with light on the opposite side of the hall, Chiaki said:

“This museum is recently restored. Remade everything here was beautiful. Previously, I have heard, the photographs, and things have been greater, and the exhibition itself was darker.”

“ Even darker?”
“Yeah. Particularly sensitive to induce fainting during the inspection. What was it like for those who survived the inferno and survived to the present day? We cannot even imagine how many images we show not” Chiaki looked at the blue sky outside the window.

“Why not sugar coat anything. Let them pass out from the shock - the truth is the truth. It needs to be shown off, no matter how cruel and horrible as it was, and do not care about the fact that someone out there weak nerves. Too many divorced people in the world who would otherwise not understand. The problem is they do not know how to face the truth, and not in the exhibition” Chiaki paused.

“And then it all depends on how deeply people perceive what they saw and strain the imagination. So preserved and transmitted to the memory of what we cannot forget ...”

Takaya, silently walking beside, murmured:

“I agree …”



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Aug. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)
Aug. 14th, 2013 10:29 am (UTC)
that was deep and sad >_<
thanks for sharing your hard work again ^_^
Aug. 14th, 2013 11:20 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating this chapter~
Sep. 20th, 2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for translating the chapter for all of us. This is a very tiring process so thanks again for going through with this an for all the effort and time you put into it.
The chapter was great. This is the first time I know about this part. So glad Kagetora put those people in their places.
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