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Volume 10 chapter 4 part 2 (final)

Phew got tangled in some of the translations but finally they are straightened out....so I present you the COMPLETE other half of Chapter 4...sorry for any mistake....enjoy

Chapter 04: Part 2

At this point, the radio announced their flight, and the men went on a ferry in Kure.

Forty minutes sail - on that same enchanted sea, where people disappeared, and on top of that, long ago sunken battleship turned up.

Leaving the car at the bottom, they went to the salon. Naoe thought that among the passengers, seem to have been journalists. Soon after planting was completed, the ferry set sail.

It was a clear, sunny weather. On the starboard side of the island floated: Togedzima and in the distance, behind him - Ninosima. Leaving them behind the stern, the ship plunged into the narrow strait in the northern tip of Etadzimy.

The wind over the sea was too cold for April.

“I do not like this wind ...” Naoe said, leaning on the rail. He stood on the top deck and watched the green, sparkling reflections of the wave.

“Yes, terrible ... very dirty energy ...” Nokizaru nodded, “Almost undetectably,” and Naoe stiffened faintly.

“In the middle of such ugliness and declare a ghost is not a sin ...”

“What's so bad?”

“Do not you feel it?”

Naoe's heart sank. Yes, the wind seemed to him sinister, but he did not notice any hostile chi ... He was reborn (different from before), he could not feel, considering the fact he was unable to determine nokizaru.

Naoe was getting nervous, and it did not escape the attention of his companion.

“Naoe-sama, if you are tired, do not overwork yourself. Give us a case, and ...”

“No ... It's all right. You're not dressed for the weather. Do not freeze, go inside.”

“Naoe-sama ...”

“I will not get hurt by some air, and then in this state, I am not fit for the scouting ... I'll be all right, go.”

Giving Naoe an encouraging smile, nokizaru went to the salon. Once left alone, he was finally devoured by the will of his anxiety.

"I have trouble reading the aura ..."

Naoe felt the deck fall out from under his feet. He had long suspected that his ability had began to weaken, but today for the first time had to face the truth, and the truth was brutal. Usually degenerated spirits significantly smashed the rest of the ability to read the aura and the ability to work on things.

And if he is, Naoe, could not hold the mental scouting on the level of ordinary subrental, was all more serious than he dared imagine.

"I'm just tired ..."

He could not have imagined that he was so weak. Ayako fears had come true.

"Just tired, nothing more ..."

Naoe gripped the railing and closed his eyes.

Burnout ... In recent months, he had not spared himself. He had engrossed himself with work, so he had nothing to think about. When overwhelmed with work, time on unnecessary feelings was less...

"What a unoriginal way to escape..."

Naoe was fully aware of the statement, but could not do otherwise. He just did not know any other way to dull the heartache. So he worked hard and slept with women to relieve the physical pressure.

But healing was denied. Everything he did, relieved his symptoms only for a while without touching the real cause of his illness - thus the opium dampened the pain, while the disease continued to eat away the body.

Medication did not exist, there was only the anesthesia, and while Naoe used it, his heart was shattered from within.

"Just terminally ill, to live out my last days ..."

The culprit of his anguish did not leave his thoughts for a second.

Attempts to expel that person from the consciousness led only to the fact that he crawled from the other corner to pounce on Naoe with renewed vigour. He was a virus, nestled in the heart and gnawing inside, like a piece of wood worm. To Naoe it seemed that under his skin all that was left was rot.

Overpower me.

That voice, again and again arose in the brain, pursued him, like an obsession.

Prove that you're the best. And if you succeed ...

"What kind of arrogance ... You thought that this challenge will bind my hands and feet? You made a mistake. I no longer have to have you ... "

Naoe shook his head. That's it, this is the case. I do not give a damn. It would not be like him, to give into the provocation. He, Naoe, just was not interested.

"I do not want to know ... to what heights you will flock, even as you sparkle like a star, how many people are blinded by the light, kneel in adoration ... I do not want to see how beautiful you have become, I do not care who will witness this beauty. You do not need me as property, I will go, dissolve in a crowd. Now you're for me as everyone else, no different ..."

Naoe did not deceive himself, the interest really was blunted. Did that mean his success?

"Certainly not ..."

Otherwise it would not be so painful now that it was time to cut the vein. No, he just could not find more power to resist the charisma.

Stubbornness and the will to struggle was gradually leaving.

"There is no greater love” - he told himself, “no more hate ..."

In the end, Naoe decided that his difficulties with the power were temporary. Fatigue had not allowed to reach the desired concentration, that's all.

Damp wind ruffled his hair. The bottom of the sea was agitated, over which, indistinguishable to his senses, was the ghost chi.

A man in a white coat came out of the cabin door, went to Naoe,leaned on the railing and looked into the distance.

“Dying thoughts of the children of war ... See how they twist vortexes over the water.”

At the sound vaguely familiar voice Naoe turned. A young man of elegant physique gave him a small smile and took his sunglasses off.

“Long time no see.”

Naoe was surprise for a moment into speechless.

Beautiful face framed by hair black as pitch, cold dark eyes ... Kosaka Masanobu Dandzenoske, of the Takeda clan, was challengingly looking at him.

“Ever since we broke up in Nikko, I did not have a chance to say thank you ...” Kosaka hooked the top of the collar of his shirt, his moist red lips twitched into a scornful smile.

“You have done us a noteworthy service, for your role in the fall of the Hōjō cannot be underestimated. Now that the land Kanto is entirely in our hands…and all thanks to Saburo-dono, who, without hesitation, sent all of his kin to the light.”

“So, is that you who arranged for our surveillance?”

“HA! I see, the aide of His Excellency has finally wrecked up his mind,” Kosaka sardonically doled out.

“Follow you? Even for me to take up such a notion,huh, only a dog would manage such a thing.”

He leaned over the railing and looked upward into the intense face of Naoe.

“You have lost power ...”

Naoe flinched.

“Look how weak your chi is, so unreliable ... I'll bet now you're deaf and blind to what is happening in the sea, and even if suddenly "Yamato" appears, you wretched creature, you will not see due to your own personal vindication...”

“But you know what I want to say to you, Naoe? This misfortune, you're self-fulfilling prophecy it by yourself.”

“Now bite your elbows and let your lustful nose get used to the smell of ship fuel oil...”

Naoe quietly bore Kosaku gaze.

“However, all’s natural ... In your spirit, I would say.”

“It was only yesterday that you tearing your hair out and sprinkling ashes on his head, and now on your face there is no shadow of remorse... No wonder you stopped seeing those souls and still grieve over the past. If such was the measure of your guilt, it is understandable why Kagetora ran from you in horror.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“He's still asking questions - when not even perceiving the point... Although, your clumsiness served me a great cover.”

“Cover? What are you talking about?”

“I am sincerely grateful for your great nokizaru that stirred up the water.
Fish will come up soon.”


“We are about to be attacked,” Kosaka said flatly. “Sailors and robbers …really does the "Yamato" requires so much fuel?”

Naoe stared at him with a wary, sullen look.

“How much do you know about this case?”

“Yeah more than you ...”

While they bickered, mist fell down on the sea. The sky, a minute ago, had been quite clear, now had a overcast gray haze. There was something unnatural about it, and Naoe immediately remembered the account of Aida: a fog, he had said, was preceded by the appearance of the military Flotilla.

“Naoe, look.”

He followed gaze Kosaka, and saw that on the surface of the water one by one lights began to lit. The tongues of pale blue flame surrounded on all sides by steam and then suddenly changed shape, turning ... Yes, into ships.

They were not steel warships and wooden boat, the number of about thirty - pyativeselnye and vosmiveselnye kobune (boats) mounted with holders for arrows, which could belong to only the navy times of rebellion. And then the front starboard side of the ship appeared a little more, but it was not enough to be as atakabune5 large.

5 Atakabune - Japanese warships of the 16th and 17th century

This was sekibune, the oldest representative of the class cruisers, and on its front was flying a flag. Naoe strained my eyes, trying to see the character. The character "kami" enclosed in a circle - he saw it somewhere ... Naoe frantically rummaging through his memory until he pulled out the reply.

"Well, of course, the Murakami fleet!"

That's news. This famous bandit troop, from the main stronghold of the island Innosima and several sea forts around, had at one time great
impact on the Inland Sea. Murakami Pirates were professionals in naval warfare.

They know each and every bank in the Strait of Seto, were a master at guerrilla battlefield tactics on small vessels and the art of night raids.

As soon as the power in the Chugoku region were assigned the Mori clan, pirates Murakami recognized their suzerainty6, and even came to their aid during the Battle of Itsukushima Shrine, when Mori Motonari was settling scores with Sue.

6 Suzerainty - a characteristic of the era of feudalism, a system of personal relations and relations of power, expressed in the form of agreements between the sovereigns (seniors) and vassals.

Naoe stared in mute astonishment at the flotilla of famous pirates and thought about their role in the present case. Standing beside him Kosaka, also in silence, watched the movements of ships.

Sekibune blocked the path of the ferry, forcing it to a stop and then a small boat, having come from both sides, took the ship in a pincer movement. Rope ladders flew up to the rail, and hordes of soldiers rushed to the bone pirate boats on the ferry. Very soon it became too late to do something - there were too many strikers. At the sight of skeletons dressed in armor, the passengers on the deck fell into wild panic.

“What are they...”

“Leave it, Naoe. You cannot change anything.”

Naoe tossed aside Kosaka scowl:

“What do they want? And where is the "Yamato" and its fuel?”

“The Tsukumogami "Yamato" - thickened mourning the dead, which gave it form. It fused together the souls of all those who fought and died at sea, and its movement results in fresh live power. Here the pirates are bestowed for the fuel management of the ship.”

“What? ..so, the disappearance in Kure was also their doing? .. But why all this?”

“Seems that now is not the time for a chat.”

Skeleton warriors with swords in the hands of two men surrounded the dense ring. They had no choice but to obey.

Pirates drove all the passengers (and they were about thirty) on the upper deck, soon the passengers were joined by the crew. All were silent, the battle incredibly happening

Some were shaking with fear, others stood, pale, as if unable to believe their eyes. Naoe went next to the scout nokizaru, who was in a terrible

“Naoe-sama, what should we do? ..”

“Do not twitch. Let's see what happens.”

Meanwhile a boat approached from sekibune to the ferry, in which a fearsome man of thirty sat. He was the only man of flesh and blood, surrounded by the skeletons, which was a picture of a truly phantasmagorical. The boat moored to the board, and the man, throwing blue coat on the floor, climbed up onto the deck.
“That's it?” - He asked, appearing at the top. Judging by the demeanor and the way he talked he was one of the chief pirate.

“All right. Now take away.”

“Takeesi-dono!” Suddenly a voice came from the crowd, and that voice belonged Kosaka.

Ignoring the stupefied Naoe, without any embarrassment he stepped forward. The man immediately turned around.

“Oh, who do I see? Kosaka-dono!”

Naoe's eyes widened. "They know each other? .."

The one called Takeesi, went to Kosaka, breaking into a widest smile.

“I'm surprised to find you on this boat, alone! .. Why did not you tell us earlier? If you need go off somewhere - call us, we will immediately send the ship!”

“Do not worry, this ship has been very handy to me ... But I dare not distract you from your work. Please continue.”

Here Kosaka looked at Naoe, and it did not go unnoticed.

“Your travel partner?”

“Come, come, how can he be my companion – he’s an old acquaintance. We are, you can say eaten peck of salt (have good knowledge of each other) ...”

Naoe looked at two men with a watchful gaze.

“What Kosaka, chummy with pirates this time?”

“ "Chummy"? Be more careful with words. We simply appreciate the mutual benefits that may be occasioned by maintaining friendly relations. And you do not judge me.”

“Kosaka-dono? .. - The person called Takeesi, expressed bewilderment. “Is not this gentleman from Takeda?..”

Kosaka nastily smirked.

“Oh, I have not introduced ... An unforgivable mistake. This gentleman's name is Naoe Nobutsuna” - then his eyes became razor-sharp – “and he belongs to the camp of the Uesugi, our ferocious enemies.”

“Uesugi ?!”- The pirate’s goodwill instantly vanished, immediately he was in battle-ready-mode. “The very yakshi Uesugi? But what is he doing here?”

“He, you see, wanted to look at your grand "Yamato" ... But do not worry
- this old wreck even today cannot really fight”,Kosaka mockingly looked at Naoe and received a furious look in return. “However, I advise you to take him with you, maybe he will be useful.”

Naoe murmured a impotent curse against him.

“And hurry up with transfer Takeesi-donor, unless there are unforeseen complications.”

“That's what I will do. Join us, we keep the path to Nosimu.
Something clicked in memory Naoe, when he heard the name of the island. He knew now, at last, with whom he was dealing.

"Murakami from Nosimy ... He, therefore, was Murakami Takeesi ... "

Naoe had heard that name. Murakami family had at one time long ago divided into three branches - Some of them settled on Nosim, others on Innosime and on Kurushima. Murakami Takeesi from Nosimy had managed to keep his name in the centuries because of his valor during the famous Battle of Itsukushima Shrine. And this character was made of "Yamato" tsukumogami? ..

“Start the crossing!”

“ One moment, Takeesi-dono.”

“What's wrong?” - The pirate turned around.

“Among the prisoners there is a nonliving. Would they not spoil your fuel woth his wickedness...”

“Non-living, you say?”

“Another sleeping-in spirit - there.”

Kosaka with an evil grin jabbed his index finger in the direction of nokizaru. Scout froze in fright.

“Ah, the rascal! Watch where you crawl into ... Do not worry, now we'll get you out.”

Takeesi went marching to the scout and, like a hawk, clutched his head in his gnarled fingers.

“Ah ... Naoe-dono! ..”

“Leave him alone!”

“Never leave. This nosy monkey Uesugi, feed it "Yamato"- and the ship, has not even an hour break.”

Nokizaru thinly cried out as the pirate yanked his spirit from the shell. Easily holding the ethereal body, Takeesi created an energy spear in his left hand and with a lightning movement drove it into the ghost in the heart.

Naoe wanted to prevent the pirate and reached for the power, but the thrust did not work - he could not even concentrate .. energy! ..

Inhuman cry went up to heaven and became silent, scattering sea breeze.

Soul nokizaru ceased to exist.

Naoe stared dumbfounded at his hands, which had to surge and pour out the power, but there was nothing. Not, even the smallest of kickback!

"I. .. lost this ability? .. "

His body ... No, his soul could no longer generate energy pulse ...

Kosaka coldly looked at Naoe who had turned deadly pale and turned back to Takeesi:

“There are two of them.”


“This time the bigger fish.”

Kosaka clasped his hands, his eyes indicated a couple in the back row - a skinny man in a flannel shirt and a beautiful woman. The young people firmly and without fear met his gaze. Both were perfectly calm.

“Thank you! .. What are you doing here?”

An angry exclamation from Takeesi, returned Naoe back to reality, and he began to observe what was happening. Nearby Kosaka whispered in his ear:

“It you brought them on the tail ...”

“What? ..”
“They must have not liked the fuss that your staged in Hiroshima ...Maybe they were looking for allies in you? ..”

Naoe looked closely at the man. It was a dark, like a native South, and did not look like cornered - on the contrary, held on in front of Takeesi with confidence.

“Hunting for people, especially in a place like this ... the Fleet of Murakami’s methods are worn out, I see - even though you were simple bandits ... you still remain.”

The warriors in armor began to move, and the two strangers ended up in a dense ring, but neither of them flinched. Obviously, they were accustomed to bloodshed.

“The Iron ships overtaken by Ode grasps you in such fear that you needed to protect floating monster? Ah, yes Murakami, bravo, brave men ...”

“Nonsense you, I look much, - but to fight? Nice you gave me an excuse to get rid from you once and for all. You still curse the fate that has brought you to me today.

“Empty, Takeesi,” said the woman, and a sudden burst of plasma scattered on the deck blocking the guards. In the free moment the subrental strangers rushed to the board, jumped over the railing and the man, turning to Naoe, shouted:

“Till we meet again, Uesugi! I'll see you in a more relaxed environment.”

After that, both jumped into the water

“Stop it! .. After them! Do not let them get away!” yelled Takeesi, but suddenly from behind the wall of fog came a strange sound.

Somewhere out there trumpeted, when approaching, a marine horn, and then with a violent, thunderstorm threatening to sweep the waves boomed dashing reels - bearing down on them was someone's fleet.

Bone soldiers came into disarray when the barges around the ferry too began to fuss.

Naoe was surprised, even Kosaka in amazement stared into the distance, and there out of the mist in front of them was a ship - a large vessel, similar to a box.

“Iron Ship! ..”

The skeletons raised uproar. They opened wide their mouths and shouted: "Cookies, Cookies come! .. Cookies on an iron ship! .. "

Something crashed, along both sides of the ferry soared water columns into the air - was an iron ship bringing cannons into the game. Several kobune (boats) shattered to pieces, and bone oarsmen were scattered on the waves.

“The Devil is out of place! ..”

Kosaka chuckled, then turned and walked away, throwing from the middle of the ladder at Naoe: “You were lucky this time - which is a pity, you would cancelled out kindling ... Well, then, we'll meet again, and until then, live ... if you do not die.”

“ Kosaka! ..”

“Go!”- Shouted Takeesi. On his orders, the pirates deftly slipped back into the boats and retreated in strict order, moving with surprising speed.

Kosaka with Takeesi sekibune moved on, and a minute later they were no longer visible - the flotilla Murakami disappeared behind the wall of fog.
Their enemies on the iron ship, it seemes, came only to pick up the man with the woman. Soon gunfire ceased, and the floating fortress slowly turned around and went back to where it came from.

A few moments later the fog lifted, as if it had not been there at all.

Above his head stretched the blue sky, the sun was shining, mirrored reflections on the waves. The people standing on the deck were forlornly silent, and sighed uniformly around the calm as ever, Seto Inland sea.


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Aug. 10th, 2013 09:34 am (UTC)
i feel sorry for Naoe >_<
thanks a 1000.000 for sharing this great work ^_^
Aug. 11th, 2013 09:25 am (UTC)
Poor Naoe, I cannot stop thinking that this current state of his will ultimately lead to his death...and that Kosaka is so damn good at mocking him! Thank you very much for another interesting chapter!^^
Aug. 14th, 2013 11:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating this chapter~
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