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End of Volume 10, Chapter 9 (Full)

Tasha: Woooohoooo finished Volume 10 completely!!! Lets Celebrate!

Chapter 9 : The Sea Devil

“Who are you? ...” Takaya muttered, frowning suspiciously. He and Kotaro had not yet met in this life. Perhaps in Hakone he saw him briefly in the mirror, but it was not enough to remember the name.

Kotaro approached and suddenly dropping before on one knee to Takaya, in the unmoving bow of vassalage.

“Head of House Fuma, Fuma Kotaro-but-bows to you. Many years have passed, Saburo-dono ...”

“Kotaro ...” Takaya whispered, eyes wide. Naoe moved, covering him back strongly, and said cautiously:

“It means you survived.”

After the battle, nothing was known of the sanctuary of Futarasan Kotaro... As before, his face was like a mask, it was completely devoid of emotion.

“I was looking forward to the day when I could see you. Do you remember me? We met only once, in Odawara castle when you were young.”

“Yes, I remember ...”

It had happened in the evening when it was decided to give the sons to foster with Gennanu. Kotaro had been present during the conversation with his father Saburo Ujiyasu, and his brothers, Udziteru and Udzimasoy. Shinobi were rarely allowed to sit next to the masters, so the meeting was deeply etched in his memory. Of course, in the current form Kotaro had nothing to do with the big bearded man, Saburo remembered.

Takaya stiffened even more.

“ And what are you doing here shinobi of Fuma clan? The Hojo were your masters, but the Hojo is no more. Why are you here - alone, without a overlord?”

“That's right, the Hojo is no longer. Because you Saburo-dono, destroyed it with your own hands.”

Takaya grimaced painfully, stung by those words. Before his eyes once again rose the pictures of that hot fight in Nikko – the trembling person with anger of Udzimasy, the affectionate smile of Udziteru, the voice of Genna, the dragon image of his father. Takaya squeezed his eyes shut, driving away the unwelcome memories, and turned away. Instead Naoe spoke with him:

“What are you doing here, shinobi, who has lost his masters?”

“Are you still with Mr. Saburo?” said Kotaro in a low flat voice. “Did not think you'd hold out beside him for so long. But, it turns out, loyalty is not hard to cultivate, as I thought...”

“What are you doing here?” Naoe did not retreat. “ Why did you come?”

“To ask Saburo-dono to take us into his service.”

Naoe's eyes widened.

“What other service? ..”

“Saburo-dono – is the only member of the manor, who survived. We decided to swear allegiance to him.”

“Do not fool my head off” Takaya said. “Shinobi Fuma serve only one master, I know it well. You served my father, and you are not going to listen to anyone else.”

“You are absolutely right. But what if this was your father's orders?”

Takaya was dumbfounded.

“Father? .. That is father commanded you? ..”

“ ‘Now that the the Hojo are in the next world, Saburo will be your master. Serve him and nobody else’ so Ujiyasu commanded me himself after the battle in Nikko.”

Takaya could not believe his ears. After all, he had not succeeded in exchanging a single word with his father ...

“It's true, Kotaro? .. Really? ..”

“Very true. And he gave a message for you.”

Kotaro lowered his voice.

“Do not be mistaken by choosing a path.”

“What? ..”

“He who protects you so once will destroy the universe. Offspring of the devil cannot be left alive. Kill him immediately.”

Takaya and Naoe, frozen, listening to the mechanical voice of Kotaro.

“Do not be deceived by voice of Kenshin. Cut your heart to the truth and kill 「Yuzuru Narita」 by your own hand.”

“What!” Takaya pushed Naoe aside and jumped to Kotaro. “My father told me to kill Yuzuru? He said so!”

“Open your eyes, Saburo-dono. You know perfectly well how dangerous it is. Kenshin has warned you to a false sense of justice, and that motivates you to defend him. This creature has no right to live, and you are protecting him ... His devilish force will destroy us all, destroy the whole world ... You have to kill it before it's too late.”

“Shut up!” Takaya could not hide his agitation. “I will not let you speak evil about Mr. Kenshin! Why would my father say such... Why?”

“You know yourself who is right” Kotaro remained calm. “You know on which side is justice. Kenshin just concealed himself by these words, pretending to be a deity, but in fact he is the main culprit. What if he decided to capture Yuzuru Narita in his own hands and rule the world?”

“What do you have reason to say that?”

“Why else would he have reconciled with such a threat? Only for great ambition.Kenshin told you to defend it in order to himself one day join the battle - it's as clear as day. Saburo-dono, you are being deceived.”
“Deceived? .. How dare you! ..”

“Kenshin is using you for his own selfish purposes. Do not let yourself be fooled by his beautiful words, look at the truth. If you really want to put an end to the war, do as father tells you to do - kill Yuzuru Narita. That would be true justice.”

“Shut up, Kotaro!”


Takaya rushed toward Kotaro, but Naoe held him back. Trying to escape, Takaya shouted: “Let me go, Naoe! Kotaro! If I hear such nonsense once again...”

“It's not nonsense, it's true. You believe Kenshin too much and do not want to notice it, that's all. Your father is worried about you. Accept your vision Saburo-dono, for heaven's sake.”

“Kota ... po! ..”

Suddenly, the strong arms wrapped around the back of his shoulders, pulled and squeezed him. Takaya turned his head and stared at Naoe in focus. Holding him in a vise, Naoe approached Kotaro:
- Do you know who Yuzuru Narita really? .. How much do you know, Kotaro?

“Naoe ...”

“Ujiyasu-sama is also aware of the carefully stored secret? Why lord Kenshin ordered him to defend this man?”

“Yuzuru Narita is not a man” Kotaro coldly stated. “He's the devil that will destroy the world.”

“The Devil? ..”

“Not true, Naoe!” Takaya shouted, pulling away from the circle of his hands. “Yuzuru’s not any devil .. He ...”

“He? ..” Naoe's eyes flashed, and tightened his grip. “Well, who is he? What are you hiding?”

Takaya gritted his teeth.

“Who are you protecting? What in the name of...”

“Boom” - there was a crash somewhere below, and the ship shuddered from bow to stern. Takaya, Naoe and Kotaro, lost thier balance and flew to the floor. Immediately after this came from the lower deck someone’s death cry.


Takaya jumped to his feet, but the next moment froze in his tracks. In a cloud of unbearably bright golden light on the stairs, rising towards them slowly was a boy.

Takaya saw his face and swallowed.

“Yuzuru ...”

Yuzuru’s right hand held the dead body of one of the shinobi. He climbed onto the deck, dragging him along, came up, stopped close by and with a thud threw bloody corpse on the floor. Yuzuru then looked at them and grinned - a cruel smile, whichhe never had before.

In his left hand he held a silver hoop-like collar. Chuckling to himself, he threw the hoop in front of him. The metallic collar with sound rolled across the deck and stopped at the feet of Kotaro.

“Look at what you are thinking, minnows,” tossed Yuzuru and arrogantly raised his eyebrows. “Hamakaze* ? Did you really hope to seal my force with this? Fools, you have forgotten your place.”
*Hamakase - limiting force.

No one could utter a word in the face of the sudden change that hit Yuzuru.

And it was not Yuzuru at all. Tiny red Bindi was burning on his forehead, making him look like the bodhisattva, but in the ominous glow there was not a drop of Holiness. Who was it?..

“Uesugi Kagetora... how many years, how many winters.” Yuzuru looked at Takao. “Thirty years and thirty winters, if I remember. I never thought to see you again. I Remember, those were pleasant days...”

“W - what?..”

“But who would have thought that you're still in this world ... My hakonha ** should have dispelled your life to the wind, and yet here you are. Ah yes Kagetora ... Well, you were worthy of honor called my enemy. I applaud you.”

**Hakonha - literally "wave that destroys the soul." Nobunaga's special attack, killing the soul forever.

The voice choked Takaya up. He shivered, small and nasty as for fever. A deeply buried memory slowly but surely rose to the surface, causing a sickening feeling. This voice... This tone... He remembered. Such things were impossible to forget...

The tongue was not willing to obey. The skin was covered with cold sweat.

“It can't... be...”

Yuzuru's eyes opened to their fullest extent and the voice full of dignity rapped out:

“I am Oda Nobunaga, Lord of the sixth heaven, awakened from sleep by the craving cries coming of my subjects. Happy day today, Kagetora! Let us give thanks the same fate for our meeting and celebrate the soul!”

Kotaro snapped, Takaya immediately took a fighting stance, but Yuzuru was faster.

“Come on!”

From his hand fell power ball. Takaya tipped a mental shield, but Yuzuru did not give up, only increased the pressure. It exploded like the bomb.


“Ha ha ha! Well, Kagetora ... you have absolutely withered away, you cannot endure even a little of this kind? You fool! ..”

Takaya hunched while dodging a furious attack. Naoe had covered himself with a protective cap, but ... it had not worked. No protection happened at all.


A direct blow to Naoe hurled him backwards. With full force he hit the wall, and then fell to the floor. Kotaro joined the battle, covering them with a vigorous counterattack.

“Naoe, hold on!” Takaya shouted, running up to him. “Hold on, do you hear?”

Naoe groaned. There was a crash again, the blast pushed in the back. Kotaro had erected a ower barrier, somehow managing to defend them, but the boat was hit in several places and took the flame. Yuzuru’s power was pouring out like water from an overflowing Cup, not knowing its limit. On the other side of the fire, behind the veil of black smoke, he flashed his cruel smile, and then he came and stood near. Takaya raised his head and glared at him.

“You are still the same, Kagetora. Your eyes ... have remained the same, I see them, even insomeone else's eyes ... I look into your tiger pupils, and my blood ignites in thirst for battle.”

“Nobunaga ... “Takaya growled, “ ... where did you come from?”

“Oh, how good, this is nice, Kagetora! .. Your eyes brings me back to life! .. They infuse power, ambition ... breathes in my soul! You resurrected me so I will go and conquered all living things, and perhaps ... I'll start with you directly!”

The blow was so strong that the space around them bent ...

The ferry blew up, fling up to the sky, a pillar of fire and water. The explosion shook the previously calm sea Seto to the bottom, and it was turbulent, as if in a storm. The wreckage of the ship, which was carrying Takau and his companions, with noise and splashing, disappeared under water.


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Jul. 15th, 2014 04:03 pm (UTC)
Oh Kotaro, it's always a pleasure to see you!! He's still so cold and unemotional at this point of the story, he'll have a great improvement in the later volumes! We also have a glimse of Nobunaga, huge villain for sure! I'm looking forward to vol 11, the most intense of the earlier novels...Kagetora in full madness mode!^^
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Ahh, thank you so much for your hard work on this translation! I'm so happy to be finally able to read new parts of the story. You're doing everyone a great favour by sharing the story with us.
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