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Volume 10, Chapter 8 (Full)

Tasha: You know what I think Naoe and Takaya's couple is kinda perfect bcoz no one can put up with them except each other....so Takaya's being kinda cold mostly but worry not Naoe knows how to melt him (^_-)n ***wink, wink, nudge, nudge*** seriously Naoe can be......so explicit sometimes, I almost had a nosebleed at their conversation at end :P

Chapter 8 : The Agenda of the Dead

The next morning, Naoe arrived for the meeting with Aida accompanied by Ayako. She was searching the missing passengers, but substituted today for Kagetora.

“ He’s late ...”

They were supposed to have meet half an hour ago. Ayako once again impatiently looked toward the entrance until the waiter poured a second cup of coffee.

“Maybe he overslept?”

“Maybe he forgot about the meeting.”

“I'll call into his room.”

Ayako rose from the table and went to the desk. There the clerk helpfully dialled the number for her, but ...

“I guess he is still resting” said the clerk shaking his head. He tried to connect a few times, but no one picked up the phone.

“Maybe he's not in his room?”

“He has not left the hotel.”

“It is possible that he mixed up the place,” thought Ayako, and they decided to wait for another twenty minutes, but when Aida did not appear they became suspicious. They phone, but he did not answer, so they, along with the porter went upstairs.

The bell rang but nobody came out. They knocked, called, but could not hear a single sound from behind the door. Became concerned the porter said:

“Should I open ...”

“Yes, please.”

He turned the key in the lock, but the door was locked from the inside with a chain.


Ayako pushed the attendant aside and removed the chain by the power of thought. The door swung open, letting them into the room, and inside ...


Dressed in a bathrobe Aida lying on the bed, half-down half-up. When they lifted him, it became clear that there was no blood in the deadly pale face and his body was cold to the touch.

“Quick! ..”

The porter fled, and Ayako continued calling the elderly man by the name, at the same time trying to find the pulse. There was no pulse

Aida was dead.

“Naoe!” Ayako called in a strained voice. He looked up and saw a vague white light.

“Naoe it is Aida-san.”

Ayako discerned it clearly. The ghost was standing in a puzzled way looking as if he could not believe his own death.

“Aida-san, what happened to you?”

The ghost opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something. Ayako concentrated her chi in an attempt to hear, but his voice did not reach.

“Kure ...” she managed to read his lips.

Naoe asked. addressing the invisible ghost: “What's in Kure? You go there? Maybe you ...”

Ayako suddenly shrieked - from behind Aida appeared a hand. Black with gold stripes on his sleeve ... in a military uniform? .. Aida turned in surprise when the hand squeezed his hand.

The ghost standing behind was a tall, well-built man. His features were similar with Aida. On the uniform jacket (it was an old naval uniform) adorned a magnificent order. Perhaps the man belonged to the officer corps.

“What's the matter, Haruya?

“Behind Aida stands another. About forty years in appearance, in the old military uniform, looks similar to his face.”

“What? ..”

I dream about my uncle.

“Is it the same uncle?”

The man in the uniform, still holding Aida’s hand, looked straight at them, slowly raised his right hand to his head with clenched fingers and saluted. And then both the ghosts disappeared. At the spot where they stood, out of thin air came down an old piece of paper on the dead body. The paper was yellowed, torn in several places.

“Agenda” Naoe and Ayako read the word written the top.

“Aida-san ...”

Aida’s lifeless body was hard and cold.

“Yamanaka Sikanoske” Takaya muttered, after hearing the story from Chiaki about the night incident, and grinned. “Interesting people ... important thing is that we will not fall into thousand misfortune, for their company.”

“But, thanks to them, "Koji Kikkawa" and "manju" ceased to be a mystery. After all, girl possessed by the mysterious woman, Yang Guifei spoke about it being at Miyajima.”

In the morning the hotel was noisy. The students after having breakfast, were preparing to leave. He watched his friends hanging up and down the stairs, Takaya thoughtfully said:

“The Pearl of Tide and the Pearl of Receding tide...”

“It seems that using them Mori can be defeated. The stones control the tides - it is unknown, however, whether their miraculous power will effect the ghost ships, but it is unlikely that these guys would say, without adequate justification.”

“And Yang Guifei knows where Manzo, Pearl of the Tide is?”

“So they said. And yet, Yang Guifei, from where, in Japan?”

“Somewhere, I do not remember where, I heard the legend that she was able to escape from China and get to us ...

According the same legend, there is a tomb of the famous concubine in Japan. According to the official version Yang Guifei was hanged on the outpost of Mawei while fleeing from the capital, captured by the rebel An Lushan. But rumour says that they did not hang Yang Guifei but her twin; supposedly the real Empress managed to escape and move to Japan.

Of course, this all happened a very long time, over eight centuries before the era of dissension, it says that Yang Guifei died in the 756th year.”
“Do you think, it is real after all?” drawled Chiaki. “You can never tell, really ...”

“Her whereabouts are unknown, right?”

“So. But we know that she is with Kikkawa Motoharu. However, if we do not find Motoharu,” He shrugged off the remaining.

“Misen at Miyajima ...” Takaya muttered and thought.

“‘Go at Misen,’ Hokamura Narumi said. Does this mean that she's there? If they want to make her a receptacle of the spirit, then the spirit must be there.”

“But Miyajima is now headquarters of Sue. For Yang Guifei, accomplice of Mori, to be at the centre of enemy territory? I doubt it ...”

“Exactly ... The place, maybe unexpected, but hiding would there be complicated. Yes, this is another uncertain point.”

After a brief pause Takaya suggested: “The Syuho cave where it first time hooked with her?”

“So the spirit tried to get rid of strangers. Perhaps she lived in a cave. On the other hand, if it takes the form of a phoenix and can move freely, it is unlikely she would have been all the time to stay in one place.”

“Red phoenix bird... I wonder why did she drank energy? .. And only female. What's the point?”

“Maybe it's fuel for ‘Yamato’?”

“This is a different view” Takaya said, leaning against the wall of the corridor. “‘Yamato’ needs life energy, and it took the girls energy of the soul. Only the girls, that's weird.”

“Don’t tell me that Yang Guifei is a demoness, feeding on other's energy and thus prolonging life.”

Chiaki ran his fingers through his hair and pursed his lips. At this point, Morino Saori noticed them as she passed by.

"Hey, you're lazing around here? We are going soon, are you ready?”

"Hey, Marino-San.”

“If you are ready, then go directly to the bus. Look, don't be late!”

As befitting a member of the organizing committee, she zealously watched time. Today they had a long bus ride - first to Iwakuni, to look at the Kintayke bridge and from there to Tsuwano. Saori was jubilant, because her and Yuzuru’s seats were quite near to each other.

“Ah Ogi-kun! I almost forgot. Let Narita-kun and you swap the seat when you will sit down. Let him be in the aisle.”

“What for?”

“Because. Suddenly you will start to feel sick, right next to me... oh exchange, please!”

Her motives were absolutely transparent. Takaya made a disgruntled face.

“And if you will not change, I will tell the teacher that you flagged the girls in the Museum.”


“The whole class talking about it. How long can you tolerate your disgusting tricks? Act normal, finally!”

“And exchange!” "she said finally, before angrily walking down the stairs. It was obvious that yesterday's incident was interpreted wrongly and had acquired rumours. Takaya groaned, clutching his forehead. Chiaki looked at as if he was mad.

“How many times have I told you - do not bother with what’s none of your business, you idiot ... when will you learn? ..”


Yuzuru popped out of the room, wearing the uniform, and ran to him. He looked alarmed.

“What happened?” Takaya asked.

“Ayako-san, wants you on the phone. Quickly.”

“Ne-San?” *

*Ne-san - Addressing a girl (unknown or older than themselves). Usual method of Takaya adressing to Ayako.

They immediately went back into the room, and Takaya picked up the phone. Ayako quickly and anxiously spoke on the other end.

“What? .. Aida-san? ..”

Having listened to the end, Takaya hastily put down the receiver.

“What?” asked Chiaki.

“Aida Kengo died” Takaya said shortly and quickly began to gather things. “Chances are that the death was provoked by the spirit of his uncle, a naval officer. In any case, I'm going there, and you're with me.”

“You go first, I'll catch up.”

“Chiaki?..” Takaya turned inquiringly, putting his arms in the sleeves of his jacket.

“I'm sorry, but for us the tour, it seems, has come to an end. We cannot leave without few tricks, our absence will not go unannounced and it will create too much hassle for everyone.”

Chiaki was going to impose hypnosis on all before leaving. On Takaya's face a shadow passed over, but then he gave a slight nod in agreement.

“Go,” said Chiaki. And your things, I will bring them. The hotel, of yesterday, huh?”

“Thank You, Chiaki.”

And Takaya left the room. At the door, he was confronted with Yazaki from the same group, who called after him: “Hey, we will soon be leaving! .. Sre you going to the toilet, or what?”

“Chiaki!” Yuzuru said in a serious tone, “cover my absence in hypnosis too, please.”

“Your? Why?”

“I'm going with Takaya, he allowed me yesterday. He cannot find Hokamuru Narumi without me. Please.”

Chiaki looked into his eyes and saw the determination that would not to be shaken only by threatening.

“And do you agree ahead of time to finish your expedition?”

“Takaya has me till the end.”

“You will not visit the Hagi, you will not see the bridge Kintayke ...”

“I'll see it another time” Yuzuru did not yield. “I need to be with Takaya, for his own good. I will not get in the way, I promise. I have some ability, I will be of some use. I mean, I cannot leave him. I do not know what it is, but ... if I do not support Takaya now, I fee….something about Takaya is going to snap ....”

“But it's, you know ...”

“Chiaki, please!”

Chiaki hesitated, but then thought about Takaya and realized that he completely agreed with Yuzuru. Eventually, he sighed and said:

“Okay, take your things. You need to leave while everyone is busy leaving.”

Yuzuru rejoiced and quickly began to gather his stuff. By itself, the imposition of hypnosis was not difficult, but remembering what kind of mood Saori had been in, Chiaki felt a slight twinge of guilt.

“Poor Morino-san ...”

“If someone is destined to become the object of her hatred, let it be ‘Ogi-kun’ requested Chiaki and crossed himself.


Ayako, Naoe and Takaya met at the hotel, later joined by Chiaki. Kengo Aida’s body had already been taken away. Some of the staff to be on the safe side had also summoned the police, but, judging by the circumstances of death, it was not a murder or suicide - rather like a heart attack or any other attack. So it seemed at first glance, but ...

“It is very possible that he invited the ghost of his uncle” Takaya said, when Naoe passed him the torn agenda. “We know that the spirits of sailors are going in Kure... I guess they decided to fill up their ranks.”
Takaya raised his head.

“It is possible that they really want to revive the Combined Fleet, making "Yamato" their flagship. Mori and Murakami were going to use them as their own military force, but one single sufficient mistake and they will gain their independence and will go out of control. If that happens, they will become far more dangerous.”

Takaya looked at Ayako.

“Haruie, go to Kure, watch the actions of the sailors. If anything happens, call me immediately.”

“Got it.”

“Chiaki you take care of the search for the people kidnapped at sea. I will send nokizaru to help you, you need to save people as soon as possible.”

“Why me?” Chiaki protested. “I'd rather be searching for Yang Guifei - I think I will succeed faster.”

“I'll search for the missing” added Naoe.

“No,” followed an uncompromising response. “I cannot trust you.”

“I am able to act independently. I ran this thing from the start, and I want to continue it.”

“You're good for nothing!” Takaya snapped, and Naoe stiffened. Takaya meanwhile ruthlessly continued: “Now you're not able to save anyone. Suddenly you need to use force, and you cannot - what's the point? .. So you'll do it, Nagahide.”

Chiaki looked suspiciously from one, to the other, then quietly asked:
“What does all this mean, Naoe?”

Naoe adopted a indifferent expression and silently looked away. Chiaki looked at Ayako and at her hard face and guessed everything.

“Okay. But where can I find them? And even if I find them, how do I pull them out? Without much hustle it is unlikely to succeed, if I go from outside ...”

“There is a simple and fast way” calmly replied Takaya. “Let yourself be taken by the attackers themselves.”

“Offer myself as a bait?”

“But figure out everything quickly and surely. The Murakami pirates do not recognize you.”

“And what if, out there is Kosaka?”

Takaya looked at him with an absolute arrogance of a monarch and with a cold smile said: “Are you that deprived of brains that you are unable to cope with some Kosaka?”

“ What!” Chiaki leapt, but Takaya did not wait for him to break into an angry tirade.

“I do not want to hear your whining. Remove any, as you know. And we go to Miyajima on Misen to seek Narumi. Right now.”

Naoe did not say anything to this, just casted a look to Takaya, and in his indifferent eyes and face flashed something very like hatred. Takaya blinked for a moment, as if in pain, and then turned around, as if brushing it away, and darted out of the room.

Once on the street, near the door, he noticed Yuzuru and Satskaya waiting for him.

“We are also going to Miyajima to look for Narumi-san.”

Takaya just looked at them with a stark, almost frightening expression, and then lowered his head. He did not want anyone to see his face now.

“Do what you want” He tossed as he passed by, and went forward. Naoe stood behind him in the doorway.

“Naoe-san! ..”


Yuzuru ran over and all but grabbed his sleeve.

“Something strange is going on with Takaya... it is as if he is changed, what happened?”

Naoe said nothing. At that moment he felt nothing but resentment and hatred.

So he just stood there and watched Takaya’s back - that overbearing, arrogant back - without any obedience, with a angry, hating stare.


It was decided to go to Miyajima on the ferry from the port of Hiroshima. Takaya said he wanted to conduct reconnaissance of the local waters.

Before leaving Chiaki handed him congo ray** with the words:

** Congo-ray - Buddhist ritual practice tool, looks like a metal bell with solid handle.

“Take it just in case. If you suddenly get lost with Narita, so that you can find it. Once we could count on Naoe, but not now, so better be prepared in full” Chiaki warned before leaving with Ayako in Kure.

While the ferry was still standing at the pier, Takaya sent forward the Ken Gohododzi to scout the situation on the island.

Miyajima was not far up to twenty minutes by ferry. Satskaya was visibly nervous, and after Takaya went up on deck, Yuzuru asked: “Are you okay? Do you get ill on ships?”

“No, it's not that” Satskaya sat on a bench and looked toward the island. “Just thinking, if it is really true that Narumi is on Miyajima ... if it is true that she's still alive ... It seems terrible to me somehow.”

Satskaya complained that because of yesterday's disturbances she could not sleep all night. Judging by the dark circles under her eyes, so it was.

“Do not worry. I'm sure she's fine” comforted Yuzuru and Satskaya clasped her hands in her lap, like locking her anxiety inside.

“She's the first person in my life, which I can call a friend. “

Yuzuru fell silent in amazement.

“No, I always had friends, but they were not serious friendships - to take a walk together, have fun ... but with Narumi it was different. For the first time there was a person who understands me. At home it is not really going well ... money that has nowhere to go, my father keeps a mistress. Mother does not care about the family and goes off to work - every man for himself ... from the child they still want something and impose their ideals ... no one actually cares about me or my character” Satskaya clenched her fists. “I was so sick of it, so I started to party up.

God knows what is happening ... I came across different people, but I looked at them and thought, "No chance you could understand me." But Narumi understand ... and stood on my side.”

Why Satskaya all of a sudden had started talking about this with Yuzuru was unknown, but she spoke very warmly.
“Narumi was able to what nobody else was able to. That is why she means a lot to me, so I want to save her! .. You know? You have to understand ...that there are people whom are more expensive than anything in the world ...”

“I understand” Yuzuru nodded gravely and whispered: “There are people who you cannot lose ...”

In his mind Takaya’s face appeared, alien and distant; they had not exchanged a single word since they left the hotel. Takaya was becoming powerful and ...selfish. This quality was strengthened every day. He did not ask to draw support - used it, but never counted on it. For Yuzuru it was very hard to see these signs of his growing power.

“I do not want to lose...”

Yuzuru looked at the horizon, where loomed the silhouette of the distant island. His face stiffened into a stern expression, that of a warrior before battle. And at this moment, behind them rose a few figures.

“Yuzuru Narita-san?”

Yuzuru turned around and saw a tall man, dressed entirely in black. Under the sunglasses as he took them off, revealed a typical average male Japanese person with well molded features, the correct proportions resembling a Greek statue. The expressive face was unfamiliar to Yuzuru. However, the most unusual thing of the man was his hair - long, tied back in a ponytail.

Yuzuru man looked at himwith suspicion. He already had a chance to stopover once in the hands of the kidnappers, and it had taught him caution in conversations with strangers.

“Who are you?” He asked warily.

The young man replied flatly, without any emotion on his face:
“A acquaintance of your friend. Very old acquaintance” and his fist, rising with incredible speed, stuck Yuzuru in the stomach. Yuzuru briefly groaned and collapsed on the floor.

“Hey .. What are you doing?”

“Shut her mouth.”

“Let me go!” Satskaya yelled when another man grabbed her from behind. “Take your ... ah! ..”

A blow laid her down straight on the bench.

“As soon as the boat will catch up, throw her overboard,” said the young man to his subordinates. “Continue according plan. Do not forget the power limiter.”

“Yes, sir. Where are you going, Kotaro-sama? ..”

“To say hello” here on his heartless face that looked like a cruel steel mask, flashed a faint smile. “and pay my respects to our master.”


Takaya was on the uppermost deck, leaning on the railing, and watched as the ship cuts through waves with its nose. The gusty sea breeze ruffled his hair. A little further, stood Naoe obliquely - Takaya felt him on his back. He was completely focused on this feeling, though his eyes never left the water. Naoe did not move - he had set himself at a distance and was not going to cut it. Takaya slightly lowered his eyes.

“Tell me ... do you want me to leave?”

“Do you want get rid of me?”

“So what are you trying to check in such a way?” quietly asked the man behind. “What is it this time? .. there is nothing more to check inside me...”

Naoe unbuttoned his jacket and pulled out a gun from his holster. He shook it in his the palm, sampling, deftly in a motion of charge.

“Feel my devotion?” He said, raising his eyes. “Or my submission? ..Forever you require obedience. Contrive to crush my pride, pin me to the ground - the only thing that gives you confidence ... The method worthy of one year old baby.”

Naoe put the gun away and grinned coldly.

“I'm not a nanny and , you'll never get a unselfish love from me.”

“Start talking clearly, Naoe.”

“It is your bad luck to have me with you... I'm only thinking about one thing - how to get you into bed. I replay it in my head - how to initiate you, in what position to put you, the angle at which to enter you, how many times to finish ... What to do to break you ...”

Takaya turned round with a blazing face filled with rage. Naoe dispassionately met his eyes at close range.

“When I cannot protect you anymore, will you let me go?”

Naoe did not take off his eyes from him. Surely he was the only person in the world, capable of supporting its suffocating look without flinching ... Takaya too was silent and did not move.

Suddenly, from the lower deck came a girlish scream and brought them both back to reality. It was Satskaya screaming.

Takaya raised his head “Yuzuru! ..”

“So you're both here …”

Naoe turned to the voice that suddenly sounded behind him, and reflexively overshadowed Takao. And then they saw the man standing before them and gasped.

“You! ..”

The face without emotion, like a porcelain doll, with his hair tied behind the back swaying in the wind. In Nikko, in the sanctuary Futarasan they thought that had left him forever ... And yet here he was - the leader of the Fuma shinobi*** clan, Fuma Kotaro.......

***Literally "furtive" - so called Japanese ninja.


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it’s REALLY hard to watch those 2 together >_< but now Kotaro comes this is going to be good \\^_^//
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This chapter reminded me why I love this pairing so much...they're both so screwed-up, yet their chemistry is really quite amazing, it's hard to find another couple like them!^^ And of course, thank you!
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